Reviews & Testimonials

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Exceptional Cars Series

EC1 - Iso Bizzarini - the remarkable history of A3/C 0222
EC2 - Jaguar XK 120 - the remarkable history of JWK 651

Great Cars Series 

GC1 - Jaguar Lightweight E-type - the autobiography of 4WPD

GC2 - Porsche 917 - the autobiography of 917-023

GC3 - Jaguar D-type - the autobiography of XKD 504

GC4 - Ferrarri 250 GT Short Wheelbase - the autobiography of 2119 GT

GC5 - Maserati 250F - the autobiography of 2528

GC6 - ERA R4D - the autobiography of ERA R4D

GC7 - Ferrarri 250 GTO - the autobiography of 4153 GT

GC8 - Jaguar Lightweight E-type - the autobiography of 49 FXN

General Titles

Stirling Moss - The Definitive Biography, Volume 1

The Le Mans Model Collection

The Automotive Art of Alan Fearnley

Stage Whisper: Douglas Wilmer - the memoirs

Barry Cryer Comedy Scrapbook

Jaguar Titles

(this list does not including other Jaguar book titles listed above)

Jaguar XK DIY - Restoration & Maintenance

Jaguar Design - A Story of Style

Saving Jaguar - John Egan

Ultimate E-type - The Competition Cars

Jaguar E-type (2nd Edition) The Definitive History

Original Jaguar XK - The Restorer's Guide

E-type DIY - Restoration & Maintenance - A Kind of Loving

Jaguar Scrapbook


Martin Brundle Scrapbook

Stirling Moss Scrapbooks

Graham Hill 1929 - 66

Porsche 911

Murray Walker

Barry Cryer (see review link in General Titles, above)

Jaguar Scrapbook (see review link in Jaguar Titles, above)