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Vanwall Book | Media Reviews

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Automobile, September 2022

'Porter Press has recently published a new, very much larger version with all the same words but with, thanks to another great motor sport historian. Doug Nye, much archive material added. I would have to favour this beautifully-produced edition. Importantly for me, the large format has allowed many more photographs to be included and, of course, many of them now at a size which allows for their proper appreciation. I envisage many a happy hour being whiled away in the shade of a palm tree with this superb volume.'

Octane, June 2022

'The book's overall quality means its £90 asking price is not at all unreasonable.' MD

Classic & Sports Car, April 2022

'...Porter Press has paid tribute to Britain's first Formula One champions in the finest way possible with a much expanded production aided by historian Doug Nye.'

Classic Cars, April 2022

'This book is technically a reprint, although it's heavily revised. As Doug Nye explains, Jenkinson and Posthumus' 1975 words on the history of Britain's first Formula One championship-winning marque remain untouched within its hefty 288-page hardback form. However, upon the authors' deaths, Nye inherited their wealth of research material, and has sympathetically upscaled it here, teaming the classic work with a wealth of old photos, documents and race results. Truly definitive.'

BRDC Bulletin, Spring 2022

'Now, that 'history book' has been re-born on a much grander scale but with the original words of Jenks and Cyril Posthumus at the core and unchanged. Doug Nye needs no introduction as one of the best racing historians ever. His contribution to this new book has been immense. In particular he has led the presentation of the 200-plus images, many rarely if ever previously published, by writing informative captions in a manner which supplements and illuminates the original text. And it is not just the photographs but also the many factory records including data sheets, lap charts, correspondence with drivers, organisers, Enzo Ferrari and others which are enhanced by Doug's side note. This is really three books in one: (i) the original story as told by Jenks and Cyril, (ii) Doug's captions and (iii) the gold mine of nuggets provided by the factory records. Philip Porter's company is well known for the lavish quality of its publications, and this is one of his best. The page size (300 mm x 300 mm) is of coffee-table proportions which means the images are reproduced to a standard far higher than when they were originally published in magazines. And there are over 100 more pages than in the original.'

MotorSport, March 2022

'This enhanced edition is a fine tribute to the cars which as Tony Brooks, last remaining Vanwall drier, says in his foreword "fired the starting pistol of Britain's domination".'

Autosport, February 2022

'As you might expect, this feels like the definitive Vanwall book.'

Book of the Month, Best of British, February 2022

'This quality book was first published in 1975 and has been generously reworked by Doug Nye, who adds some great caption details to a brilliant selection of images. A host of fascinating ephemera is also included, together with a great level of detail throughout. There's a cracking full-page colour shot of a smiling Tony Brooks at Aintree in 1959, on what would prove a less successful occasion, but there's something contemporary looking about his safety helmet with full-face visor.'

GP Racing, February 2022

'The story of this short-lived racing organisation is a fascinating one and this book, originally published in 1975, is rightly considered a definitive history. Co-author Cyril Posthumus was the associate editor of GP Racing's sister magazine Autosport from launch in 1950, while Denis Jenkinson was one of the most lauded racing journalists of his era. This new edition benefits from the addition of a wealth of original documentation, from letters and telegrams to factory technical records, along with period photographs captioned by the eminent racing historian Doug Nye.'

Chequered Flag Services, January 2022

'When William Boddy, of Motor Sport magazine, reviewed the original book, his parting comment was that “this is a great contribution to serious motor-racing history”. This was indeed a labour of love by the original authors, which in my view has been made even better by the subsequent additions, and while a heavyweight item (both physically and metaphorically), deserves a place on the bookshelf of any serious follower of the sport.

“Mission accomplished”, indeed.'

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Issue 317, December 2021 Review by David Tremayne

'Yes, the eagle-eyed enthusiasts among you may spot that this story was first told back in 1975, as VANWALL The story of Tony Vandervell and his racing cars, when it was published by Patrick Stephens Limited. I remember buying a copy of that version, probably from the little bookshop in St Martin’s Lane.

This is its big brother, given life by that non-stop dynamo better known as Porter Press International. Not only does a great story bear retelling after all these years, it is told virtually unchanged but in a much-enhanced format. It is now a 300 by 300 mm monster, with a superb iconic colour shot of Stirling Moss at Rheims in 1958.'

The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain, 2022 Review by James Loveridge

'This is an outstanding book and an absorbing read...', December 2021

'Vanwall - The Story of Britain's first Formula 1 World Champions" takes the reader into an exotic, different era of racing than driving on racetracks whose slopes were made of trees, with pilots at the steering wheel who looked like tightrope walkers operating without a safety net .

Vanwall is a Formula 1 story as it could no longer be written today; with deep insights from the authors without restrictions and without whitewashing. Every Grand Prix fan will enjoy it a lot.'

Retro Speed

'Reviewing books from major publishers is something I’ve been doing for many years, and thoroughly enjoy, especially when on a depressingly wet Monday in early December the man from DHL delivers me a heavy package marked Porter Press International. I just know the sun is about to shine.

Aficionados will immediately recognise what must be regarded as the definitive history of Vanwall, written with passion by unrivalled experts Denis Jenkinson and Cyril Posthumous, with input from Doug Nye, because it was first published way back in 1975.

No matter. And make no mistake. This is a genuine masterpiece, given only the lightest of sympathetic make-overs. Images border on perfection. The only question that now remains: Does one keep it on the bookcase, or hang it on the wall?'