Maserati 4CLT - The remarkable history of chassis no. 1600 - Reviews & Testimonials

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Historic Racing News, January 15, 2018

'How the car was re-discovered, restored and rebuilt to its original specification, and went on a journey from Argentina to the United States and Japan - this part of the book reads like a detective story! - before settling back in Europe in historic racing. A personal account of driving and running the car from a former owner, who describes the daunting task of recreating a Maserati 4CLT engine from scratch. Profusely illustrated and including many previously unpublished photographs. An insight into the vibrant post-war racing scene in South America, pieced together by author Cristián Bertschi, a specialist in tracking the history of cars in this era.', March 2019

'The history attached to and surrounding this car is phenomenal; remember that General Peron was President of Argentina at the time of the car’s acquisition. A great racing fan, he wanted to be sure that his drivers were able to compete head-on with the best of the rest in the world

'...This is a lovely book that will enthuse any classic racing car buff and more besides.'