Bob Exelby

Bob Exelby
Cable TV engineer Bob Exelby has a lifetime of home classic car rebuilds behind him and shares all the nuggets of information, advice and tips gleaned through his own blood (literally), sweat and tears over 50 years of ‘playing with old cars’. Even the most experienced make mistakes, and he freely shares his so that others can avoid them. This book is invaluable if you want to know what makes an XK ‘tick’, and if it’s the classic car for you – and vital if you own or are restoring one.
Restoration of a Jaguar XK 120
Jag XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance

Jaguar XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance

Porter Press International

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Complete DIY restoration of an early Jaguar XK 120 An absolute sensation when first seen in 1948, in the midst of post-war austerity, the Jaguar X...

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£ 35.00 GBP