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Drivers on Drivers | Media Reviews

drivers on drivers book

Area Auto Racing News, March 2022

'Among the interviews that are in this book, we enjoyed very much those of the drivers listed above. But we found the comments of drivers who we might not have been familiar with worthy of the time that it took to read them.'

Historic Motor Racing News, March 2022, Review by Carol Spagg

' is both an informative and entertaining read.'

'It's a great read and highly recommended and even comes with a feelgood factor, as it is published in support of Chrissy Mills' charity, Hope for Tomorrow, which brings help to cancer patients. Get it and read it.'

Secret Classics, February 2022

'Philip Porter and some of his colleagues have mastered the fine art of interviewing and have often demonstrated this in past years in British publications. With the book Drivers on Drivers they put together some of the best passages of their activity in a great presentation.'

Evening Standard, February 2022

'As the publishers say, the book contains ‘stories of tragedy and humour, triumph and disaster’, as the names open up on their friendships, rivalries and inner thoughts. The interviews are backed up with more than 100 photographs celebrating on-track battles and big career moments, alongside snapshots of the drivers’ interactions with fellow competitors.

One of the more poignant interviews is with the late, great, Sir Stirling Moss, by Philip Porter, carried out between 2005 and 2010. Typically, Moss has many generous words to say about other drivers, including Tony Brooks, a ‘very nice, ordinary person’, who ‘didn’t come over as being a very competitive driver until he began racing’.'

'Drivers on Drivers is itself inspiring - and great background reading for any lover of motorsport.'

Motor Sport News, January 2022

'It is often assumed that racing drivers would rather chew on a razor blade than praise a fellow pilot. Drivers on Drivers, the recently published book by prolific writer Philip Porter, goes a long way to debunk that. Over its 144 pages it explores with 31 drivers, most of whom are towering figures, what stands out for them about their driving heroes, friends, team-mates and rivals. In many cases the discussions are strikingly candid and detailed. The drivers who contribute are impressive both in their status and their range of era: from Sir Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris through to Sir Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks, with Sir Jackie Stewart and Mario Andretti between. As these names suggest, the lion's share of the interviewees are Formula 1 drivers, but it's not exclusive as there are sportscar greats such as Derek Bell and Brian Redman, rally icon Paddy Hopkirk and saloon legend John Fitzpatrick. Each driver gets their own straight question-and-answer conversation and the interviews are of a high quality. Who does Hamilton rank as his quickest team mate? What is Stewart's in-depth lowdown on what he learned from countryman Jim Clark? What was the worrying piece of luggage Hopkirk's co driver carried in the cab with them during the London-Sydney Marathon? It's all in there. It adds up to an absorbing and enlightening read.' Graham Keilloh

Book of the Month, Car Magazine, January 2022

'Motor racing is a sport that revolves around cars but it's the people that make it interesting, and it's the drivers that the wider world is most fascinated by. What makes them tick? And what they think of each other?

Drivers on Drivers is exactly as described: 31 drivers, including those who made their name in every decade from the 1950s to today, are asked to name their fiercest rivals, closest friends and personal heroes. David Coulthard tells of the time Damon Hill warned him he'd punch him in the face; Hill looks back on wheel-to-wheel battles with Schumacher and reflects that his on-track-aggression 'wasn't that bad by today's standards.'

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Issue 317, December 2021, Review by David Tremayne

'Here’s a great idea: get hold of a load of drivers, and then ask them who their heroes were, and which team-mates and rivals were the toughest to fight.

It was one that occurred to publisher Philip Porter, who then got in touch with a load of mates who agreed to give their time and effort for free in aid of charity. That was the easy bit. The harder bit was pinning the targets down, especially those still active in F1.

But the effort has been hugely worthwhile.'

'Some say more than others, but each of them has something to say, something extra – in some cases a lot extra – to add to your knowledge of the sport and perspective on the period in which they raced. It’s one of those lovely books that you can dip in and out of, always finding some gold dust.'

'The price is great and the written contents are excellent, and they are supported by some seriously emotive photographs in full colour.'

Speedweek, December 2021

'Drivers on Drivers will captivate every motorsport fan. And whoever buys this book is also committed to a good cause: Part of the proceeds goes to the "Hope for Tomorrow" foundation, which looks after people who have been hit by the scourge of cancer.'

Chequered Flag Services, December 2021

'A great read, a book you can pick up for a short burst, but you’ll find yourself not able to put it down!'

Retro Speed, December 2021, by Peter Baker

'What better way to end 2021 than with a bit of controversy.

Drivers on Drivers published by Porter Press International, in aid of Hope for Tomorrow (providing cancer treatment via an increasing number of mobile chemotherapy units), provides an unrivalled insight into who is, or isn’t, the most popular driver, when judged by their peers.

The list Includes Nigel Mansell, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart and Lewis Hamilton, so you know from the start, it’s going to be a fun 145 pages. Five stars. Available now, and fantastic value at just £30.'

Ferrari Owner's Club Magazine

'The book consists of 31 interviews with the most significant racing drivers of the past six decades, including Stirling Moss, Derek Bell, Jackie Stewart, Paddy Hopkirk, Mario Andretti and Lewis Hamilton. They were interviewed by an array of experienced writers such as David Tremayne, Ben Edwards, Peter Windsor and Simon Taylor, to get the inside track on their careers and what it was like to be immersed in one of the fastest-paced and most exciting industries in the world.'

'Drivers on Drivers is top value and it also features some excellent period imagery. However, this is a book that's much more about stories and insight than it is about pictures, well designed though it is.'

Issue 6, Go Classics

'This is not your average motorsport book waxing lyrical over legendary racing drivers. Rather it’s a collection of views from a wide variety of stars – such as Sir Lewis Hamilton, Sir Jackie Stewart, Paddy Hopkirk, Derek Bell, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi and over 20 others, on their rivals, contemporaries and heroes and as a result it makes fascinating reading.'

Review by Andrew Frankel, Instagram

''s such a simple concept one wonders why it's not been done before. Perhaps it has. But it is as described: a book of interviews with racing drivers talking not about themselves and their careers, but those of their rivals.'

'But they can't help the responses they get and some of the drivers who still earn a living from the sport are clearly more corporate and on message in their replies. Others no longer feel the need. When asked why he thought Jochen Rindt 'was absolutely supreme in Formula Two', Jackie Oliver replies, 'Aggression. Jochen was not a nice person.'

'There are some great raconteurs in there: Derek Bell, obviously, but also Allan McNish, while Jackie Stewart is as considered as ever. But actually I think the most insightful account of life as a top Formula 1 racing driver comes from Alan Jones who is as blunt and straightforward today as he was in his heyday over 40 years ago.'

'It's a great book and good value at £30, a proportion of which will go to the Hope For Tomorrow Cancer Charity.'

Review by Mark Holman

'This book is the brainchild of author and publisher Philip Porter, who also conducted most of the interviews. Thirty-one drivers were invited to give their views on their teammates and other rivals; their racing careers span from the late 1940s to today. The resulting large and well-illustrated hardback makes for some very interesting reading.
By my calculations, the drivers interviewed have 18 F1 world titles and countless GP wins as well as many victories at Le Mans and elsewhere; Paddy Hopkirk 'represents' the rallying fraternity. The new drivers such as Jamie Chadwick and Lando Norris have a page each, as does (surprisingly?) Sir Lewis Hamilton. Others have engaged deeply with the questions. For instance, the likes of Messrs Pirro and Häkkinen come across as particularly thoughtful and considered, but all the drivers have some interesting perspectives on the best drivers they have raced with, who they were wary of, who was the bravest, the most fun and so forth. Quite a few are critical of some of their opponents or team bosses (John Fitzpatrick on Tom Walkinshaw's racing ethics, for instance): Jody Scheckter ends by saying "I've probably made some more enemies".
There are some obvious answers (Senna's racing tactics, Stefan Bellof constantly racing on the edge) and a few surprises. For instance, Allan McNish rates Andrea Gillardi as probably the best driver he faced in the 1980s. And there are Gerhard Berger's amazing practical jokes on Senna, and much more. It really would be hard not to enjoy this book!'