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Auto Express, July 29, 2015

'Sir John Egan's career at British Leyland clearly wasn't easy, but his time at the helm of Jaguar, turning round its fortunes before its sale to Ford in the nineties, was rewarding in the end.'

Classic Car Mart, September 1, 2015

'If you find the 1980's British car industry a fascinating subject then this is well worth the read.'

Classic Car Weekly, July 29, 2015

'Much has been written about Sir John Egan's miraculous transformation of Jaguar from automotive lame duck to torchbearer of the British car industry, but it has taken until now to get the full account of his time in charge of the company. What is good about this book is the insight you get into the running of a failing car company, which had suffered under the dead hand of central government planning for so long. The most interesting parts of the book concern Egan's brushes with parent company British Leyland's management as well as deft dealings with the Margaret Thatcher years, heading towards Jaguar's privatisation in 1984.'

Daily Express, July 25, 2015

'A very entertaining read for Jaguar and motoring fans alike.'

Daily Mail, December 12, 2015

'...grown into the mouse that roared. For a fascinating insight into the Machiavellian intrigue surrounding a pivotal part of Jaguar's history, le me recommend Sir John Egan's memoirs, Saving Jaguar.'

Jaguar World Monthly, September 1, 2015

'For many, this is the book they've been waiting for; the warts-and-all account of Jaguar in the Eighties written by the man at the heart of it all, Sir John Egan.

'This is a business rather than an engineering story but nevertheless, we learn how Egan took himself around Jaguar's suppliers, often as badly managed and underinvested as BL itself and demanded improvement, particularly from Lucas whose fuel injection was described as 'Heath Robinson in conception.

'Egan writes well and compellingly: he is refreshingly direct, offers unfashionably trenchant views and is not afraid to admit mistakes.

'Nicely presented and with a clear typeface, the reader is left feeling the British motor industry might have had a different path had there been more John Egans.'

Jersey Evening Post, November 27, 2015

'An amazing story for car enthusiasts, those in business and Jaguar devotees.'

Lymington Times, February 6, 2016

'He credits using innovative techniques. intelligence, plain speaking and openness to save the company, which has created some of the most iconic cars of all time.'

Octane, October 1, 2015

'This is the proverbial rollercoaster ride of a story, with Egan and his team often sailing incredibly close to the wind and yet, against all odds, succeeding. It's especially heartening to read how BMW and Mercedes offered technical support, such was the depth of goodwill towards Jaguar in the industry.'

Just British, US website, February 2016, by Michael Carnell

'Books about cars and car companies are great. I admit to having a love of these historical volumes and many of them grace my bookshelves. But, when a book is written by one of the people involved in the company, car, or event in question we gain insight that is not possible from an outside observer. While first person accounts will always be biased and subject to an individual point of view, they also give an intimate glimpse that can only be gleaned from someone whose hand was in the pot.

'And John Egan’s hands were certainly in the Jaguar pot. He arrived at Jaguar Cars in April 1980 as Chief Executive. He was there for ten years before overseeing the sale of the company to Ford for a price of roughly 2.5 billion dollars. Saving Jaguar is the story of those ten years, with a bit of personal history before and a bit of perspective afterwards.

'Saving Jaguar is an intimate and important telling of one man’s part in, and take on, the turning of Jaguar at a pivotal point. Well written, well illustrated, and honestly relayed, it is a book not to be missed by both Jaguar and general British car fans. I couldn’t help but thinking as I read the book, what if some of the same tactics has been employed to save MG. The sportscar market might be a very different place today.'

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