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Breadvan - A Ferrari to beat the GTO | Media Reviews

ferrari breadvan book

Issue 247, Cavallino Magazine, February/March 2022

'Breadvan - A Ferrari To Beat The GTO is packed with new research, such as confirmation of 2819 GT's appearances at Daytona and Sebring in 1962, as well as profiles of all the main players in the story and hundreds of archive photographs. Heseltine also documents Serenissima's life after the Breadvan, and brings the car's story up to date with its successful "second life" in historic motor racing.'

Octane, December 2021

'As ever, Heseltine's breezy style makes this a highly entertaining romp through the Breadvan's life (so far), but it never feels less than authoritative, often the trade off for an easy read. It's well designed on nice paper, and excellent value, too.' JE

BRDC Bulletin, Autumn 2021

'Richard Heseltine with his co-authors has done a fine job in attempting to unravel the myths and legends surrounding the Bread Van from the true facts. In doing so he relates the circumstances surrounding the spat between Enzo Ferrari and Count Volpi which had its origins in the resignations of senior personnel from Ferrari at the end of 1961 and life after the Bread Van as the Count funded the manufacture of ATS and Serenissima road and racing cars through the 1960s.

With over 220 images depicting not just the Bread Van but other photogenic Ferraris of the early 1960s, and produced to Philip Porter's usual high standards, this 224-page book is a delight. The previous book about the Bread Van, long since out of print, has fewer pages and a cover price of £50 but this is now fetching prices over £150. At £45 this latest offering is surely not expensive for what it is.'

Motorsport News, October 2021

'A good read about a unique machine which may have been intended to cock a snook at the Modena maker, but has now come into its own.'

 LACar, September 2021

'As we said at the outset, Ferrari fans are going to love this book. The Breadvan is the Ferrari that’s “not really” a Ferrari and yet remains as distinctive a vehicle as any from the period. There’s enough insider information here to fill in some Ferrari story gaps and enthusiasts will doubtless pour over them with aplomb. The period photographs used here have been restored and well presented, and the contemporary imagery of the Breadvan today is spectacular.' - Harold Osmer

Auto Italia, September 2021

'Although it tells the story of just one car – chassis number 2819 GT – this book is very much more lavish and complete than Porter Press's familiar 'Exceptional Cars' series, and priced accordingly. That's entirely justified, as the quality production, paper stock and illustration is wonderful. What's really impressive is the level of research that Heseltine has invested into the story. He's uncovered new information and conducted fresh interviews with owners and drivers. Ferrari historian Keith Bluemel also adds a chapter on the fabled 250 GT line. There's plenty to enthuse Ferarristi, with bundles of background information, details of the car's development and blow-by-blow accounts of its competition career (not that this was particularly glowing in period – the Breadvan has achieved much more success as a historic racer).'

'...this book will be very much appreciated by fans of the Prancing Horse. Highly recommended.'

Wheels and Things, July 2021

'This book reads very well, even though it contains a lot of technical information. It actually reads like a documentary/story. It is very broad and covers almost every driver who has come into contact with the 2819 GT.'

'This reference work should not be missing from your collection, especially at the price of £45.'

Auto Express, July 2021

'Porter Press specialises in deep dives into individual models, and chassis number 2819 GT's story is presented here in fantastic detail. It's a good read and beautifully produced, with contributions from Ferrari historians. You'll need to love the brand to connect with it, but if you do, it's a winner.'

Racing Spirit

'Profusely illustrated, the author has written an enthralling account of this iconic car.'

Classic Cars

'A hugely entertaining read.'

Ferrari Owner's Club

'As with the 250 GTO book, the Club's Keith Bluemel acted as a consultant on this one, so you just know that it's going to be as accurate as is humanly possible. Not that Richard Heseltine is exactly a duffer when it comes to research; as a personal friend I know just how many hoops he had to jump through to finish this book, such was the complexity of it all. Indeed, so drawn out was its compilation that the 45 quid cover price seems insultingly cheap. You probably think that you already know the story of the Breadvan, but soak up the 224 pages of this book and you'll realise just how much you didn't know. Everybody knows that the Breadvan project was the direct result of the 'Palace Coup' of 1961, which led to Italian aristocrat Count Volpi to commission Giotto Bizzarrini to create a GTO-beater from a 1961 250 GT SWB. But there's so much more to the Breadvan story than that, and Heseltine has spoken to owners and drivers from throughout the car's life. He also worked with Marc Sonnery who wrote his own story of #2819 GT, in which he interviewed many of the key protagonists, many of whom are now dead. Scattered throughout its pages are potted biographies of people and companies including Olivier Gendebien, Lucien Bianchi, Nino Vacarella, Neri e Bonacini and Carlo Maria Abate. There are also more than 220 images, most of which show the Breadvan in action in period, in the workshop, and during its first restoration in 1966, when it was completely dismantled. There are some truly fabulous shots in there, showing the car racing at circuits such as Spa, Le Mans, Goodwood and Silverstone. As with many Porter Press titles, this one ends with a detailed studio shoots by Club member John Colley, which is arguably worth that £45 price of admission on its own.' Richard Dredge

Retro Speed

'Another great value title from Porter Press International, and worth five stars every day of the week.'