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Aston Martin Ulster - The remarkable history of CMC 614 - Reviews & Testimonials

Historic Racing News, July 26, 2018

'the story of this particular car and, more broadly, Aston Martin's first 20-years.

'The new publications includes foreward by renowned car collector and former Pink Floyd band member Nick Mason, whose business partnership with long-time CMC 614 owner Derrick Edwards (Morntane Engineering, later Ecurie Bertelli) did much for the renaissance of pre-war Astons...

'Stephan Archer inherited his enthusiasm for a detailed knowledge of Aston Martin from his late farther, Alan, who was chairman of the Aston Martin Owners Club. A management consultant and automotive consultant, Stephan has written several book of Aston Martin.'

Classic Cars, October 1, 2018

'Superb value for such quality.' 

The Bulletin of the Vintage Sports-Car Club, Autumn, 2018

'The book starts with two chapters on Aston Martin's early history, and these are beautifully illustrated with a quality of reproduction that belies the price of the book and, no doubt is due to the quality paper used.'

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