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PLEASE NOTE: Customs/import tax charges may be added to your order. The courier will notify you of any such charges by SMS or email.

E-type Definitive History - Reviews & Testimonials

definitive history e-type book

Classic & Sport Car, October 2011

'First published in 1989, author Philip Porter’s exhaustive history of the Jaguar E-type has been much expanded for a second edition to coincide with the sports-car legend’s 50th birthday.  Now a thumping 688 pages, The Definitive History covers every imaginable aspect of the car, from early prototypes to the latest Eagle Speedster.  Highlights include a wealth of factory drawings and documents, together with a vast range of first-hand reflections on ownership and driving.'

Classic Cars, October 2011

'Jaguar historian Philip Porter has comprehensively revised his 1989 tome on the E-type for the model’s 50th anniversary year, which sees the hardback grow in all dimensions even though it packs fewer pages than the original – 688 compared to 712.

'It’s more elegantly presented than the original, with more colour images and additional photos, while the text incorporates a number of factual corrections and adds detail to subjects such as the car’s development, the competition careers of the lightweights and the V12’s conception.  Sections on E-type specials and the cars in use today are also brought up to date.

'This edition is the only E-type book you need and well worth the asking price, even if you already own the first edition – Porter’s book on the race cars (Ultimate E-type, reviewed in Classic Cars’ July 2011 issue) is a useful companion.'

Jaguar World, September 2011

'Was it really back in 1989 that the first edition of Jaguar E-type, the definitive history was launched? Back then it did what it said on the label but of course new information has come to light in the intervening 22-years.  Author, Philip Porter, has not been idle; during that time he has amassed some interesting new facts adding considerably to what was an already compelling book.  There must be a greater collective showing or original E-type photographs over this book’s 688 pages than virtually anywhere else, and all are completely fascinating.

'Along with the actual facts of the E-type’s development are interviews with key people of the era which combine to give a wonderful insight to the whole project.  Racing, too, is examined in-depth showing just how much potential the E-type had.  Surely there cannot be a better way to fully understand the E-type than immersing yourself in this superb book.'

 Jim Patten


Dear Louise

As promised, a note to say how grateful I am for the replacement cover for my E-type book (Definitive History). In a world where customer service seems to be a foreign language, it is so nice to deal with a publisher that is customer orientated.

From a very grateful Jaguar obsessed person - a very big thank you!

Anthony Wainwright

Definitive etype book