E-type Jaguar DIY Restoration & Maintenance Book reviews and Testimonials

New Zealand Classic Car

‘Chris Rooke, a drama teacher by profession, admits to a passion for classic cars, but one with no engineering or restoration experience.  However, he turns out to be a damn good writer; brutally honest about his mistakes, revelling in his successes and often very amusing.  Chris takes us through the sorts of dramas that many optimistic restorers must experience – from probably choosing the wrong car to restore in the first place, to not having a decent workshop and having to undo the work of many hours because of a missed step.  Not to mention a mixed range of experiences in dealing with suppliers, restorers, and in this case, ending up delighted with the end result.  Often it’s the seemingly simple tasks that cause the greatest frustration.

‘The level of detail in the book is amazing but it’s very readable – not dry or overly technical.  The hundreds of colour photos would be enormously helpful to anyone tackling a similar car, and they illustrate every step and item imaginable.

‘The 50-plus chapter headings give an idea of what you’ll come across, such as – How (not) to buy an E-type Jaguar, Re-re-re fitting the door seals and The carburettor linkages.  At the end of each one is a list of Lessons Learned (I imagine a lot of them would apply to any restoration job, regardless of the car involved).

‘Bodywork, mechanicals, interior, the smallest fittings and essential tools are all covered in layman’s terms from a guy who really did the hard yards, and who tells his tale with some style.

‘Definitely recommended.’  Mark Holman