Lotus 18 - The autobiography of Stirling Moss’s ‘912’ - Reviews & Testimonials

Stirling Moss's 18 Lotus book

F1 Fanatic, September, 2017

'Books about individual  F1 car designs are common, but it's unusual to come across an entire work dedicated to a single example of a chassis.

'...Great Cars from Porter Press International is the most prestigious series of motoring books ever published, announces the blurb. This claim may be disputed by the creators of the F1 Opus range, the one-off 'Bernie edition' of which was priced at a preposterous one million dollars. But it's impossible to argue they might have done better justice to the history of a single car.'

Auto Express, November 15, 2017

'THIS book charts one of F1's most famous cars, the Lotus 18, in and out of the hands of Stirling Moss. With no side panels, the Brit took car '912' to victory in 1961's Monaco GP, showing the driver as he worked. Well written and beautifully photographed, this is a must for vintage GP racing fans.'

Daily Express, November 11, 2017

'...Grand Prix fans of old however, will enjoy Lotus 18 by Ian Wagstaff. The Lotus 18 was raced by Sir Stirling Moss, up against dominating Ferrari's in 1961. He won at Monaco, the Nürburgring and Modena.'

Club Lotus News, October, 2017

'This book splendidly tells the story of the car's entire 1961 season and its subsequent history including recollections from Moss and Ron Walker mechanic Tony Cleverly plus a fine collection of period photographs.'

The Automobile, December 1, 2017

'Porter Press International's frenetic release schedule continues unabated with the latest in the Great Cars series, Lotus 18: The Autobiography of Stirling Moss's '912'. The book follows the same format as previous volumes with an in-depth, insightful study of the car Moss drove to his final Grand Prix win in 1961.'

Octane, November 1, 2017

'This, the latest in Porter Press’s Great Cars series, is arguably the best yet, although you
could argue that the 18 wasn’t really all that ‘great’ as a Formula 1 weapon. It’s just that this particular ‘Biscuit Tin’ was driven by Stirling Moss to victory in the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix, where he famously withstood race-long pressure from Ferrari’s Phil Hill and Richie Ginther. It was Moss’s greatness that made all the difference.'

BRDC Bulletin, Winter 2017

'This is number 10 in Philip Porter's Great Cars series and worth every penny of its £60 cover price. Author Ian Wagstaff has diligently researched the car's post-Moss history , in the process unearthing some wonderfully obscure images not just of '912' in its Rob Walker/Stirling Moss heyday but of its subsequent years at places like Rufforth and the Mallory Park short circuit. Not too many people will recall that a subsequent owner, Dave Rees of the Ashley Smithy garage won the Tranmere Trophy at an Aintree Sprint after painting the car orange, this just three years after Sir Stirling's Successes.

The Classic Motoring Review - Number 2, Winter 2018

'With their Great Cars series, Porter Press International has a well-earned reputation for beautiful books featuring the iconic and the beautiful.

'Within this context Wagstaff has melded the design, racing and continuing history, post-Moss, of "912" to the present day, creating a fine book, extensively illustrated with engineering detail, period photographs of the personalities involved, plus fascinating action photographs, some published here for the first time.'

Lotus 18 book