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Ultimate Ferrari 250 GTO | Media Reviews

ferrari 250 gto book

Motorsport, November 2022

'Think you know all there is to know about the world's most desirable car? We'd wager you'll still learn a thing or two from this incredible offering from Porter Press, which celebrates all things Ferrari 250 GTO. Produced across two volumes, author James Page - assisted by world-renowned Ferrari expert Keith Bluemel - has dug deeper into the history of the 250 GTO than ever before, with the first volume concentrating on the model's forebears, development of the 250 GTO, its early racing exploits and its swansong 1964 season. Volume two is even more intricate, with detailed histories of each of the 36 chassis, all of which have survived. Add in hundreds of period images, many that have never been published before, and you have a true collector's piece. And it's limited to just 750 copies, with each signed by Page and Bluemel.'

BRDC Bulletin, Spring 2022

'The vast research which has gone into these books means that they deserve to be read, (obviously not at one sitting!) and regularly referred to rather than salted away to simply appreciate in value.' IT

Auto Italia, September 2021

'The first of two new Ferrari 250 books from Porter Press this month is something very special: claimed to be the "best ever" history of the legendary 250 GTO. Part of Porter's Ultimate Series range, it's a lavish production that comes in two volumes in a slipcase and runs to 632 pages. Author James Page tells the 250 GTO story with passion and precision.'

'The level of detail and quantity of illustrations (over 675) is exceptional.'

Ferrari Owners' Club

'The 250 GTO is an ultimate car and it deserves an ultimate book, and that's excactly what James page has given us with this magnum opus, which leaves no stone unturned on what is possibly Ferrari's most revered tipo ever.

'Those two seperate books feature 632 pages and pack in no fewer than 675 images, most of them fabulously evocative period shots, many of them never seen before. 

'The second volume is every bit as enticing as the first, with more mouthwatering period imagery that documents the history of each of the three dozen 250 GTOs built. Featuring interviews with owners and drivers past and present, a whole raft of fresh information has come to light in the course of putting this book together. Indeed, it's a typical Porter Press publication; researched in great detail and with plenty of quick reference tables to serve up the info that you want. Crammed with fascinating insights and anecdotes, Page has done an incredible job of making sense of a surprisingly convoluted subject, considerinh only 36 cars are involved. If you're still baulking at the price, think of it as an investment. Porter Press has had more adance orders for this title than any book that it has ever published, with more than half of the 750 print run already sold out. When David Wheeler's 250 GTE book sold out ina  matter of weeks last year (reviewed in these pages), values trebled overnight...' Richard Dredge


'Any writer setting out their stall to author the definitive work of reference – the catalogue raisonné, to borrow a term from the art world – needs some pretty good credentials, and in this respect James Page can’t be faulted (he’s a regular contributor  to Octane, of course). While lamenting the ever-shrinking number of individuals associated with the GTO in its 1962-64 heyday, he’s tracked down just about all the survivors, and interviewed a large number of past and present owners.

'...the books’ layout is clean and simple and the type well spaced. The Standard Edition costs £450 and  is limited to 750 copies, while the leather-bound Collector’s Edition (up to 100 copies) is £1500. Reassuringly expensive, then, but likely as sound  an investment as a GTO itself.' MD

GP Racing

'Author James Page sets out to be as definitive as possible over two volumes, the first of which sets the car in context and details its racing career, while the second sets out individual histories of the remaining chassis.'


'The 250GTO is the most revered Ferrari of them all, and by association the most expensive of them all. All 36 examples exist in a fantasy land that even the average billionaire can't reach.

It's refreshing, therefore, to find out via James Page's £450 Ultimate Ferrari 250GTO that however expensive these cars have become, whatever their histories, whomever has sat in the drivers' seats and whatever other cars share their garage space, owners' passion for the 250GTO shines through.'

'...the first volume is wonderful, the second adds classic character - much like its subject matter.'