One Formula - 50 years of car design - Reviews & Testimonials

Historic Racing News, June 27, 2019

'Sometimes the weight of expectation is just too great. Film, play, book; all can be overwhelmed by the pre event hype. Not so with this magnum opus. "One Formula" is the story of Gordon Murray's life to date, written by Porter Press supremo Philip Porter, and this book certainly covers its subject in very considerable depth. The whole book is helped along by the fact that Gordon Murray is such a nice man, and comes over as such. It was Oscar Wilde who said (of a fellow writer) "he is a modest man but he has so much to be modest about". This is absolutely not the case here, Murray is not overly or falsely modest but his achievements are huge and need no explanation on these pages. But Gordon Murray is not one to blow his own trumpet either and the mixture of telling it like it is and letting the reader decide just what is important is gloriously gratifying.

'Is this a coffee table book? No, because it is so much better than that. Is it a reference book? No, because it has the man's amazing personality on every page. Is it the best motor sport book for a very long time? Most definitely yes!

Race Tech, July 1, 2019

'Compiling the book was also a chance for Murray to think about the other important aspects of car design, even those elements that weren't necessarily to do with the technical decisions in creating a championship-winning car. For example, Murray, who cut his teeth building his own cars to race in South Africa, highlights how crucial it was that he had intimate knowledge of every part of a racecar, He says that if in a motorsports team, the chief designer or technical director wasn't able to draw every part of a car, and had to hand off the engine installation or the design of the gearbox or the aerodynamics or the cooling system to another designer, the result wouldn't be as integrated a design as one that was created by a singular vision.

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