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Aston Martin DB4 G.T. Continuation - Reviews & Testimonials

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Motorsport, January 2020

'...if you're a fan of the DB4 GT, it's a worthy buy.' RL

Classic & Sports Car, July 2019

'Whether you see the 25 Continuation DB4 GTs as pieces of modern history or a money-making exercise, you can't deny the craftsmanship. It's this that former C&SC editor James Page celebrates.'

Classic Cars, June 2016

'Page documents what could be seen as a controversial project here, but i's a fresh perspective on a well-trodden subject, an there's enough original DB4 material here to please the ardent Aston aficionado too. Add typical Porter Press high-quality execution and thoroughness ad it' a very good read.'

Historic Racing News, May 2019

'All-in-all this is a pleasant read which satisfies the soul with some excellent images, both from the period and more modern day photographs.'

Best of British, May 2019

'Aston Martin's DB4 GT (Grand Tourer) represents one of the high points of the marque's distinguished history.

'It had been intended to produce 25 Touring-bodied DB4 GT cars as part of the original production run but these were not built. So, 50 years later, Aston Martin decided to complete the run by building a continuation car - as opposed to a replica or evocation - combining modern techniques alongside traditional skills.

'This excellent account tells how the company went about achieving this, with some great images showing their staff at work, plus, of course, the cars - old and brand new.'

Kieron Fennelly, May 2019

'The book is enhanced by superb photography and brief biographies of David Brown, engine designer Tadek Mark and Aston Martin's famous 'Works' at Newport Pagnell reinforce the sense of tradition that the "continuation" model had to live up to.

'This is a fine work which excitingly captures an outstanding and rare example of traditional engineering and the creation of what is by common accord a beautiful sports car and like most of the offerings from Porter Press, it also represents decent value for money.', March 2019

'The quality follows the customary high-end Porter Press model and proves delightful, enthusiastic and engaging to read (well done James!).'

Classic Car Weekly, March 2019

'It's unlikely that many of us will ever see one of Aston Martin's continuation DB4 GTs (given that they're not allowed on public roads), let alone find the £1.5 million needed to buy one. However, James Page does a great job of unearthing the engineering challenges Aston faced in building a car - from scratch - that was designed over half a century ago. Through this, and top-drawer photography, the book manages to achieve universal appeal to anyone with an interest in engineering.'

Retro Speed, March 2019

'...the ideal read for the Aston Martin owner to enjoy whilst waiting for his pride ad joy to be serviced, or dare I say, repaired.', March 2019

'The third of the Porter Press books deals with one of Great Britain’s most desirable sports cars, the Aston Martin DB4. While it is a brand epitomised by its association with the James Bond 007 franchise, the DB4 GT was a stalwart of our motor racing history, not least because both Stirling Moss and Jim Clark drove examples of the model in period. Yet, you will note by the title that this is one of the ‘Continuation’ versions. In other words, something that has become popular in recent times around the classic car scene, with both Jaguar-Land-Rover and Aston Martin investing in it heavily, is utilising the skills of a firm’s artisan employees to build a ‘final’ and strictly limited run of its most revered models.

'The quality follows the customary high-end Porter Press model and proves delightful, enthusiastic and engaging to read (well done James!).'