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Original Jaguar E-type | Media Reviews

original jaguar e-type

Classic Car Weekly, September 2021

'What an undertaking from author Malcolm McKay this book is, in which he details every production detail and change of all versions of the E-type - it's the ultimate guide to what is 'original' on an E-type. The production quality is high, with detailed and well-shot images throughout. Who's the book for? Well, it's great for restorers DIY and professional, but it'll be of interest to E-type super-nerds, too.' Charlie Calderwood

The Coventry Cat

'For those lucky few of us who own E-types, and especially those of us who have restored or are in the process of restoring E-types, this book is an essential reference work and source of information that yields an immense amount of detail regarding the history of the manufacture of these cars. Not only that, but, fortunately, the book is extremely well written and edited, laced with occasional bits of humor as well as insights into the ways of industrial research and development, manufacture and relations with dealers and customers. The wonderful array of mostly color photographs (more than 1,000), as well as their annotation, are remarkably good. The book is easy to read (though perhaps a little heavy to pick up!) and utterly fascinating. The only question I have is: if you have read this far, why wouldn't you buy a copy?

'Following each section is a detailed chronology by date and serial number of changes instituted during the section's manufacturing run, carefully and quite thoroughly annotated. For restorers, these chronologies will become an invaluable bible of authenticity. McKay, by all reports, has been remarkably thorough and careful in his research, and I suspect that errors are few and far between.

'Thank you, Mr. McKay, and thanks also to Porter Press International for undertaking this exceptional effort.'

Classic Jaguar

'Malcolm McKay's Original Jaguar E-type fills 400 pages with mind-boggling detail. Even such rarities as the six-cylinder Series 3 are covered in depth. Whilst the comprehensive detail photography of every conceivable aspect of all three of the model's iterations can almost be taken for granted, the coverage of tool kits and literature packs underlines the dedication behind this 'meisterwerk'. The book can be enjoyed on many levels: a reference work to be (carefully) placed on the workbench whilst undertaking an exactly period-correct restoration, or read from cover to cover to reveal the most comprehensive insight possible into how the model was produced and developed over its whole 15 year lifespan...'


'With the E-type celebrating its 60th birthday this year and no end of barn-finds selling for ever-more eye-popping prices, Malcolm McKay's £65 exhaustive guide is well timed. Whatever E-type restoration project tickles your fancy, there are extensive notes that detail each individual change in production across all variants. For that reason, it's not a book for the casual enthusiast - and it's all for the casual enthusiast - and it's all the better for that. While many others tell the E-type story, very few will go into the precise changing in keyfob design, what radiator was used in which month, what straps help down which battery, and so on... Essential reading for restorers and inspectors, and for gaining brownie points at club meetings.'

Classic & Sports Car

 'Split into four sections, the book covers Series 1 3.8, Series 1 4.2, Series 2 and Series 3 models, beginning with the location of chassis and body numbers before systematically and meticulously covering every element and area of the car. The level of geekery is incredible, down to whether frame bolts came painted or unpainted or whether a particular car was fitted with brass carburettor tops or plastic; if there's a question over a feature's originality, chances are it will be covered in this book. Beautifully designed and illustrated with high-quality photographs, Original Jaguar E-type is a handsome production that you'll return to again and again.'
Auto Express

 'Part restoration guide, part Haynes manual on steroids and part beautifully-constructed history lesson. Production values are sky high here and despite the wealth of technical details and reams of print, it's arguably worthy of being a coffee-table book, too. It's also seriously interesting for E-type fans.'

Maranello World

'Ein unver gleichliches Nachschlagewerk für jeden Besitzer, Restaurator und Enthusiasten.'

'An inequarable reference work for every owner, restorer and enthusiast.'

Racing Spirit

'On a handful of occasions, one can judge the reliability and authenticity of a new title simply by looking at the name of the author and Malcolm McKay fits that bill. Whilst the E-type Jaguar can be considered as one of Britain's finest sportscars, McKay can hold the accolade as being one of our foremost motoring authors, who also has got a 'hands-on' relationship with many car clubs and motoring activities. 

In 400 pages of text, illustrated with over 1,000 photos, the reader, whether they be an owner, restorer, potential E-type buyer, or enthusiast, gets the whole nine-yards of the history and background of this famous sports car. He also records in critical detail how these cars, all three major variants produced at Jaguars' Brown Lane plant between 1961 and 1974, left the production line. So if you've always wanted an E-type, but haven't got the wherewithal to purchase one, shell out a few pennies for this essential title.'


'The comprehensive guides were gleaned from extensive research and the attention to detail is remarkable, providing an accurate source to originality for all production E-types... Although the book would look simply fabulous gracing any coffee-table reading list, it is far more likely to end up covered in grease stains in the back of a garage or converted workshop... It is the ultimate package and go-to reference for any E-type owners or anyone with aspirations that one day... Apart from the technical details, the book is packed with historical insights... It is beautifully written and is an insightful and enjoyable read even for someone who is not particularly mechanically-minded, but simply shares a passion for the greatest-looking car on the planet.'