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Phillip Bingham has been writing about cars and motor sport for more than three decades, working in Britain and the USA as a journalist, author, and PR consultant.

Phillip started his career as a staff writer for the weekly newspaper Motoring News and monthly magazine Motor Sport, reporting in successive seasons on the Aurora British Formula 1 Championship, European Formula 2 Championship, and World Sportscar Championship. By also reporting on the BMW M1 Procar series, Phillip was introduced to many leading Formula One drivers of the time, and subsequently joined Automobile Sport magazine as Grand Prix Correspondent.

After all this globe-trotting, Phillip spent 18 months in London as Deputy Editor of Performance Car magazine. This led to a 14-year association with the USA’s best-selling automotive publication, Motor Trend, first as Los Angeles-based International Editor, then as UK-based European Editor in a freelance capacity.

Freelance status allowed Phillip to also write for other motoring magazines around the world and to establish and run a specialist motorsports PR agency, Media Matters, which represented clients such as Total Oil and Vauxhall Motors during the halcyon days of the British Touring Car Championship. Phillip later also handled PR for Automobili Lamborghini in the American Le Mans Series and Corvette Racing at Le Mans, and worked as strategist and writer on PR campaigns for big brands including Subaru and MINI USA.

Phillip says his most memorable working days will always be the 52 he spent in 2013 as writer-in-residence on Land Rover’s Silk Trail Expedition. This 11,000-mile trek from the UK to India traversed 13 nations and two continents on the dirt tracks, desert trails, and high mountain passes of the Silk Road trading routes which first connected Asia with Europe more than 2,500 years ago. Phillip has also written books about motor racing’s entry-level category, Formula Ford, and America’s favourite sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette.

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