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Around the world, Porter Press International is renowned for its top-quality motoring books. Founded in 2005 by acclaimed automotive author and Jaguar expert Philip Porter, the company is now firmly established as a leading motoring publisher.  

The flagship ‘Great Cars series' has won numerous awards, with subjects including the prototype lightweight Jaguar E-type and Ross Brawn’s Ferrari 250 GT short wheelbase, and its new sister ‘Exceptional Cars Series’ is already garnering widespread praise. Porter Press has worked with the stars of the motoring world, including Murray Walker and Martin Brundle, and published Stirling Moss – the Definitive Biography Volume 1 by Philip Porter in 2016.

Future Porter Press publications include several new ‘Great Cars’ editions and books published in collaboration with five-time Le Mans winner Derek Bell and legendary designer Gordon Murray. Each new volume confirms Porter Press International as the publisher of choice for discerning motoring enthusiast.

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Martin Brundle Scrapbook
Martin Brundle Biography
Martin Brundle motorsport biography
Martin Brundle images in Scrapbook
Classic motorsport biography - Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle Scrapbook (standard edition)

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Stirling Moss book - The Definitive Biography, Volume 1
Stirling Moss Biography, Volume 1
Stirling Moss, racing driver Biography
Stirling Moss motorsport Biography
Stirling Moss motorsport Biography book
Racing Driver book - Stirling Moss Biography
Stirling Moss book - racing driver Biography

Stirling Moss - The Definitive Biography, Volume 1

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Murray Walker Talks About His Childhood

Murray Walker: The legendary voice of Formula One describes what childhood was like for him. In this particular video Murray talks about life at home as a child living with his parents, and going to the same school that his father went to as a child.

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