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About Porter Press International

Porter Press International is renowned around the world for its top-quality motoring books. Founded in 2005 by acclaimed automotive author and Jaguar expert Philip Porter, the company is now firmly established as a leading publisher of motoring and motorsport books.

The flagship ‘Great Cars series' has won numerous awards, with subjects including the prototype Lightweight Jaguar E-type and Ross Brawn’s Ferrari 250 GT short wheelbase.  The sister series ‘Exceptional Cars’ is also well-established and includes titles on the first three AC Cobras, an important GT40 and the Le Mans class-winning Bizzarrini. A third series entitled ‘Porter Profiles’ launched in late 2017 with the first example featuring a famous competition Austin Healey. 

Porter Press has worked with the stars of the motoring world, including Stirling Moss, Murray Walker and Martin Brundle and Derek Bell - with more to come...

'I enjoy your publications, their content and accuracy are amazing.' F. Turtle

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The Cars You Always Promised YourselfThe mid-‘60s Ferrari-challenger and its drivers

This book covers Ford of Europe’s 50-year journey, told through the lens of its most sporting cars and the coupes that followed the Capri. The author’s connections, as a senior industry executive, allowed him to gather unique material that grants a reader the most privileged peek inside the secret world of car design and product planning. Ford granted access, for the first time ever, to its highly-secure archives and allowed the author to retrieve beautiful design sketches and secret photos of prototypes that had been kept locked away for decades.

Derek Bell - All my Porsche races, this exciting motor sport book is out now and was shortlisted for The Historic Motoring Awards 2018 Book of the Year! 

The first children's car book to be published by Porter Press, The XK Files: 120.  This is the magical tale of nine-year-old Bill and the classic Jaguar which transports him back in time.

Ford GT40 Mark II - The remarkable history of 1016 by Mark Cole.  This classic car book tells the story of Ford GT40 Mark II, chassis no. P/1016, one of the trio of cars that crossed the finishing line together at Le Mans in 1966 to score Ford’s first victory in the 24 Hour race. The book covers the car’s development, its technical details and specification, the role of the Holman & Moody engineering team and biographies of its drivers.  

'Exceptional Cars' 5 - Aston Martin Ulster 
CMC 614 is the registration number of a historic Aston Martin Ulster which has, without doubt, competed in more races than any other Aston.