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Luxurious Magazine, 2018

'Luxurious Magazine receives numerous invitations to review books each week and in response to this, the ‘world’s most comprehensive luxury lifestyle magazine online’ is starting a ‘recommended books to read’ section. The first book we’ve chosen for 2018 is Ford GT40 Mk II – A Remarkable History of 1016.

The subject of the book is a true motoring legend and in its short but distinguished career was driven by equally iconic stalwarts of the motorsport fraternity such as Bruce McLaren, AJ Foyt, Mark Donohue and Peter Revson, before becoming a star exhibit at the famous Harrah Motor Museum in Reno, Nevada.'

Auto Classics, February 1, 2018

'The latest addition from the Exceptional Cars series again adds to that already well populated line-up. But Mark Cole’s Ford GT40 MkII – the remarkable history of 1016 joins that list somewhere near the very top.

'A good barometer of an engrossing book is the amount of pauses you take to research countless anecdotes on the internet and read beyond the confines of the pages. Cole achieves this to a high end. That’s not to say the book lacks detail, forcing you to fill in the gaps, far from it. But there isn’t any needless excess, and it constantly teases more than the words on the page. Deviations to back read on how the early prototypes were so aerodynamically unstable that wheelspin occurred at 170mph, and to see if there are similar cases of cars wearing through their wheel arches from having an incorrect set-up to cope with the Daytona banking are numerous.

'Negatives are in short supply. Despite being a 50-year old story, there’s still an excitement in finishing each chapter that focuses on the races building up to Le Mans before getting to the main event. But the execution is not quite flawless.'

Sportscar 365

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