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PLEASE NOTE: Customs/import tax charges may be added to your order. The courier will notify you of any such charges by SMS or email.

Reviews: Ultimate Works Porsche 962 - The Definitive History

book on works porsche 962


GP Racing, December 2022

'The fifth in the Ultimate Series from Porter Press is a companion piece to author Serge Vanbockryck's excellent and authoritative Ultimate Works Porsche 956, published in 2019. Like that work, this is a three-volume set presented within a slipcase, and it chronicles in exacting detail the next stage of the 956 concept's journey as Porsche evolved its ultra-successful Group C racer into a car which would be eligible for (and competitive) the US-based IMSA series.'


Octane magazine, Book of the Month, by Mark Dixon, December 2022

"Spending the thick end of a thousand pounds on a book – even three books, as with this slipcased set – might seem hard to justify but, if you're a Porsche racing enthusiast, this definitive history would surely become a cherished heirloom. Make sure your knees and/or reading desk are in good shape, though, because each one of the three volumes is a monster. Stacked in their slipcase, they could be a danger to small children and pets.

"Size and price aren't automatic guarantees of quality, of course, but author Vanbockryck has already made his mark with a companion work on the 962's predecessor, the 956, also from Porter Press. Not many race cars have been given so much devoted attention and at such length." 


Motor Sport Magazine, August 2022

'Ultimate Works Porsche 962, a new book of unprecedented depth and detail on the legendary Le Mans car, is set to be released at Hexagon Classics. The sequel to a book many regard as the greatest ever on Porsche's racing activities is finally set for its long-awaited release.'

'Ultimate Works Porsche 962 - The Definitive History, written by Stuttgart expert Serge Vanbockryck, is an exhaustive and definitive look at the car which evolved from the ground-breaking 956, helping to carry on a sports car legacy that would eventually make Porsche the most successful marque ever at Le Mans.'


Tazio, by Johan Dillen

'This book not only impresses with knowledge and pictures, but also with fine writing. All the major races are covered in extenso, with attention to detail. The post-race analysis of Joest Racing's 1985 win at Le Mans is an eye-opener. And the book has plenty of other hidden gems like this as well. It's when you are confronted with many evolutions the 962 received over the years, that you start comprehending why three volumes are not too much. Dramatic moments like Stefan Bellof's fatal crash in Spa 1985 or the accidents that claimed the lives of Manfred Winkelhock (Mosport 1985) and Jo Gartner (Le Mans 1986) receive the pages and analysis they deserve.

'This really is a masterpiece.'


Issue 6, Tazio Magazine

'It's not one book, it's three. You need to keep that in mind. First of all, three books on just one car: the Porsche 962. And more specifically, the works 962s. Whilst author Serge Vanbockryck makes references to all types of 962s raced, the big focus lies on the cars that raced for the Porsche factory.

This begs the question: how does one fill 1400 pages on just this one car? By literally including all there is to know. You have heard the story of John Bishop refusing the 956 in IMSA because the driver's feet stuck out of the front axle line? Bishop's sketch work illustrating how he thought Porsche should rectify the problem is in the book.

Vanbockryck follows up on his previous '956, the de­finitive history' with more of the same on the 962: expertly researched, with plenty of eye-witness accounts and with attention to both glory (Le Mans) and drama (Bellof, Manfred Winkelhock, Jo Gartner). Vanbock.ryck's analysis of Joest's 1985 Le Mans win is an eye-opener.

Volume I explains how the 962 came about and talks us through the 1985-1988 seasons. Volume 2 looks at the 1989-1994 years, thus including the Dauer episode. Volume 3 looks at each works chassis in detail. Even at a whopping 850 GBP (and 1100 euros in Europe), we can only conclude it's worth every penny. Remember, it's three books. Magnificent books.' (JoD)


Stuttcars Porsche Road & Race Cars, by Glen Smale

'Never before has the 962 been detailed and explained in as much depth as in Vanbockryck's momentous work. It is truly an impressive piece of research and writing that is superbly presented for posterity.'

'This three-volume set of books is well written with excellent imagery and the design is uncluttered with ample white space where required, making it an easy-to-read publication. In a nutshell, this three-volume set outlines in unprecedented detail the ten-year career of the works Porsche 962s and 962Cs, built and entered by the Weissach-based factory team.'

'With the Limited Edition capped at 962 copies worldwide, enthusiasts would be well advised to take this opportunity to acquire this publication while you still can. The Collector's Edition is limited to just 25 copies, while just 19 copies of the Owner's Edition will be available. The latter version comes with an authentic certified connecting rod from one of the engines used in a Porsche 962C in the FIA World Sports-Prototype Championship, presented in a bespoke case with a transparent Perspex cover. 

'Whichever edition you choose, be prepared for a long read, as this publication is no lightweight. Having said that, your automotive library will never be the same again, as you will be the envy of all enthusiasts who waited too long before ordering their copies.'

'In the opinion of this reviewer, this publication stands alone in the world of books on race car history. The level of research, attention to detail, the inclusion of rare supporting documentation, image selection and captions, and the easy style in which it is written make this one of the best overall books on motorsport available today.'

'The author is to be congratulated on all levels, not just on what is mentioned above, but also for his perseverance over many years in compiling what is the ultimate documented history on the most successful prototype race car in the world...ever!'