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Cristián Bertschi

Cristián Bertschi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 4 August 1974. He comes from a Swiss family that emigrated from Europe before the First World War and established a family business representing Swiss companies in the country.

He graduated as an Industrial Designer at the University of Buenos Aires in 1999 and has since taught the history of industrial design at the same establishment. When working as a designer in the early 2000s he discovered that he could turn his passion for cars and motor sport into a full-time job. He started writing for local magazines and then began collaboration with overseas publications such as Het Klaverblaadje, Cavallino and Automobilsport in Germany.

In 2005 Cristián published his first book with Dr Estanislao Iacona, a 400-page publication titled Alfa Romeo Argentina which marked the launch of their editorial project, whitefly. In the past decade whitefly has published more than 10 books and acquired various photo archives focused on racing in Argentina.

He also runs the INGO database which is a platform to track down the individual history of more than 15,000 cars organised by serial number with more than 210,000 photos describing them.

Cristián lives in Buenos Aires with his wife Valu Lamas, and two children, Emilia and Federico.