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The First Three Shelby Cobras - The sports cars that changed the game - Reviews & Testimonials

book on the first three shelby cobras

Street Machine, June 1, 2018

'here's an new title with an interesting angle...

'A good deal of the first half of the book is given over to the story of how a Texas chicken farmer and a British low-volume sports car builder came to team up to beat the world, but the majority is all about those first three cars. It's well researched, fascinating and easy to read.

'Plus, of course, it's jammed with period photographs and modern studio shoots of the cars in question.

'The book is beautifully presented in hardback, and printed on lovely, top-quality paper (am I the only one with a paper fetish when it comes to books like these?)

'It's a stunner, so grab a copy now.'

Autosport, May 2018

'Where this book really comes into its own, of course, is the detail of the three chassis. CSX2000 (slightly irritatingly referred to as "the one and only Cobra prototype" throughout) was built in three months and still has the 260-cubic inch (4.2-litre) Ford engine initially planned for the Cobra, soon replaced by the famous 289. It was one of the few cars Shelby kept for his entire life, remaining incredibly original and selling for $13.75 million in 2016.'

Bruce goes on to cover all the Shelby versions of the Cobra, up to and including the even more brutal seven-litre 427s, but he doesn't go into huge detail. What he does do is leave you wanting to know even more. Which, for a book about such a famous series of cars, is surely an impressive feat.'

Action Cobra Owners Club, April 2018

'The First Three Shelby Cobras is a book for serious Cobra aficionados and collectors with a keen interest in historic motorsport. It combines original research, a balanced presentation of human as well as technical factors, a story-line and first-rate contemporary studio photography of the three cars in question with rarely-seen period photographs.

'The book's account of Cobra's origin and creation has a balanced assessment of the contributions on both sides of the Atlantic, with proper credit to AC Cars Ltd, Ford, thin-wall casting, Ed Hugus, and key US engineers such as Phil Remington.

'Author Gordon Bruce and Porter Press International have made a fine job of this book which adds detail and colour to Cobra history. I commend it without reservation.'

Hortons Books, May 2018

'Great value and a must-have for fans.'

Hortons Books, May 2018

'In looking at the origins of this legend, this 128-page book - the fourth in Porter Press' Exceptional Cars series - is lavishly illustrated with a mix of period and contemporary images, many previously unseen.'

Just British, March 2018

'The First Three Shelby Cobras documents these cars not only through scrupulous technical records and data but through both period and current photographs. This lets the reader see the changes and developments between the cars and also how each car itself was changed over time. In addition, there are stories from the people who drove and experienced the cars as they were intended - on the track.

The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain, March 2018

'This is a superbly well put together book, with facts aplenty and a wonderful mix of period photography and some custom shot studio work; it will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in Cobras, even if they are "fake-snake"-'replicars'. The changes from prototype to production versions are carefully and fastidiously documented and each change is discussed and given an in-depth analysis. Each of the three chassis put under the microscope here is a given a full and thorough critique and tribute, covering period action and often nut and bolt restorations, It is all simply superb stuff.'

Daily Express, March 24, 2018

'The First Three Shelby Cobras is a great insight into this renowned classic'

Auto Express, March 21, 2018

'Telling the story of three special cars, this book is a treat for the eyes with its studio-quality pictures. It also uncovers many hidden details that less in-depth titles may miss. That its subject matter is fascinating and evocative is another reason to buy, if you're a Shelby fan or not.'

Business Money, February 22, 2018

'...there are few British sports cars that can boast the enviable history of the Shelby-enhanced 1962 AC Cobra.

'...this excellent book follows the usual Porter Press style, in being impeccably laid-out and beautifully illustrated with a compelling blend of period and current photography. The entire raison d'etre behind the AC/Shelby project is explored in fine detail, including the development and technical analysis of the cars, followed by a comprehensive breakdown of each of the three models.

'Reasonably priced and of the highest quality , if you are as affected by the infamous Cobra as I am, then you will consider this fine book to be the class of the field.'

Hagerty Insurance, February 23, 2018

'...there are three Cobras that stand out from the rest: the only prototype (CSX2000), the first production car (CSX2001) and the first racing car (CSX2002). The fourth book in Porter Press's Exceptional Cars series tell the story of these three machines in a visual treat by Gordon Bruce.

'The result is, as ever, delightful to read. There's something for everyone: a great layout, amazing photographs and simple chapter focus to attract those generally interested in classics, but there's also a huge amount of hidden detail that Bruce has unearthed for the Shelby or Cobra buff.

'As usual, every aspect of the cars is dissected, from the design development of the AC Ace from the original Tojeiro roadster to a biography of all major players in the story: Ken Miles, Peter Brock, and of course Shelby himself.'