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Audi R8 Book Reviews

book on audi r8
Magneto, Summer 2023
'This beautifully realised tome charts the car's history from factory racer to privateer ALMS steed, and eventually in its second life in Historic Racing. With plenty of insight from the likes of Allan McNish, Andy Wallace and more, it's a fascinating life story of a game-changer.'
Classic & Sports Car, June 2023
'Through centred around just one car, the R8-405 that placed second at Le Mans in 2000, Ian Wagstaff's knowledge of endurance racing and the Audis that dominated for over a decade makes for a  book that appeals to all Le Mans fans. A comprehensive mix of photography, panels and chapter on the drivers follows the leading narrative of R8-405, the most prolific R8 of all. Described in detail are its works efforts, American Le Mans Series involvement, along with livery changes and tis recent appearances in historic racing.' AM
Octane, May 2023
'There's more toit than simply a biography of 405s, as the book kicks off with a concise summary of Audi's motorsport history, dating back beyond the Quattros to the Auto Union Silver Arrows and further to the early exploits of August Horch. Interviews with 405's drivers, including McNish, Pirro and Andy Wallace, are interesting and entertaining, and while that Le Mans appearance is obviously the cornerstone of this story, the car's subsequent non-works season and its later transition into historic racing are just as compelling.
Practical Classics, April 2023
'The autobiography of a very special car - R8-405 - the 'man of the match' of the 2000 Le Mans 24 offers over 350 images, plus words that provide both a fascinating and informative insight into this special car's career.'
Motor Sport, April 2023
'It's a ton of background for the tory of just one car, and you could argue that less would make a wieldier book. I could happily have swapped some of that extra material - for example, the birth of the ALMS - for more technical details. There is little about engine, transmission, running gear, aero - 350 photos but not a drawing to be seen. The nearest thing is shots of it dismantled at PCA in England, being prepped for more action. Ian is a fine writer so I guess this is less due to him than to the Great Cars format, with its 'pages per £' emphasis. Still, i between the ballast he tells the car's racing story well - and if I skipped the odd section I won't tell anyone if you don't., January 2023
'In this attractive and well-illustrated 320-page hardback, Wagstaff tracks the individual car’s existence, not only at 2000’s Le Mans but also in American Le Mans Series in 2000 and (in private hands) in 2001, then on the ‘modern historic’ scene right up to the present day. He also explores plenty of auxiliary matters, such as World endurance racing’s preceding story in general, Audi’s motorsport background and subsequent Le Mans success,  plus driver biographies. Wagstaff explains things clearly, and the book feels suitable for the non-expert.' Graham Keilloh
Austro Classic, March 2023 (German to English translation)
Audi R8-405 2000 has Audi with the R8 won Le Mans for the first time, and one of these cars is the "title hero" of volume 15 of the great "Great Cars" series. On a lush 320 pages, the author, who is known for his motorsport books, tells the story of chassis number R8-405. Embedded in the motorsport history of Audi and the 2000 season, in addition to a detailed description of the race in Le Mans (second place) and the successes in the “American. Le Mans Series" also presents the team and drivers. It goes without saying that the comprehensive history is richly illustrated.
January 2023

Author Ian Wagstaff’s latest book for Porter Press outlines all of this history, the development of the car, and the team personnel that would grow around it, with a number of significant careers and reputations started and grown alongside the project. Lavishly illustrated in full colour, including high detail studio shots, with additional items like time sheets, race results and points tables, it is all laid out to both educate and also record for posterity one of the most successful endurance-racing car designs.'

'A worthy item to add to any petrolhead or motorsport fan’s collection.'

Auto Express, January 2023
'As ever with this series of coffee-table books, the highlight is the last chapter, which has full-page, high-quality photos from a dedicated studio shoot of the model. Endurance-racing fans will enjoy this, because it focuses on the first of a breed of car that dominated the sport for more than 10 years. It's the usual high-quality affair from this publisher.'
Reisen...Natur...Pur..., January 2023
'The enthralling story of ‚R8-405‘ is told in fascinating detail in this book, supported by a stunning array of photographs showing the car in action in its two years of ‚period‘ competition, together with a gallery of fine studio images showing this ‚Great Car‘ as it is today.'