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PLEASE NOTE: Customs/import tax charges may be added to your order. The courier will notify you of any such charges by SMS or email.

Jaguar D-type - the autobiography of XKD 504 - Reviews & Testimonials

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Eastern Daily Press, September 2015



...'This book provides an insight into every aspect of this D-type's history, supported by nearly 300 period photographs.'


Solihull News, October 2015

...'this page turner is a fascinating insight into every aspect of its past.


Auto Express, October 2015

...'A fitting addition to the shelves of any Jag fan, or racing enthusiast for that matter.'


Jaguar Journal, November-December 2015

...'Focusing on a single car, owner to owner, year by year, reveals a treasure-trove of new material from personal archives. 

...'It is a very visual book and words cannot do it justice.  If you like D-types and the classic Sports Racer era, you'll love this.'


Classic Cars, January 2016

...'It's a stunning achievement, and serves as a story of XKD 504, the evolution of the D-type, and a 20-year snapshot of the European racing scene.'


Classic and Sports Car, January 2016

The range of photographs is epic with many, the 1957 Nürburgring 1000 km in particular, used to atmospheric effect.  Making a change from the studio selections of previous titles, this book climaxes with an evocative Amy Shore colour set taken around Goodwood. MW


Jaguar World Monthly, January 2016

...'Beautifully and lavishly published, The Autobiography of XKD 504 is a fine tribute to one of racing's highest achievers.'


Motorsport, February 2016

...'Now that we've seen two of the Porter Great Cars series, the sheer comprehensiveness of this volume is less eye-opening.  Focusing again on one single vehicle, the much-raced XKD 504, this work adds to its life history much archive material such as invoices, correspondence and pages from the little blue book which went with each D-type, while a modern gallery backs up generous period photo coverage.'


Guild of Motoring Writers, May/June 2016. Review by Guy Loveridge


...'The books have the highest production values and the attention to detail is faultless. One can almost follow the histories through day by day with recollections, photographs, archive documents and stories oozing from each page.

'For histories of each marque these will be compulsory items to add to the library, but they offer more than that.  For enthusiasts of racing, you get to see how fond of a specific chassis racing drivers can become.

'That stories stick about this car around 60 years later is some testament, and also wonderfully related in these two titles.  I've read them both once, and know that I will be dipping in and out again many times in the years to come.'


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