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The Self Preservation Society - 50 Years of The Italian Job - Reviews & Testimonials

italian job book

My Car Heaven, February 2022

'This definitive guide offers new insights and intrigue, published in 2019 to mark the cult movie’s 50th anniversary. In interviewing key acting, production and directing personnel, we look deep into a film that influenced a generation of motoring nuts. The book is packed with never-seen-before articles, including set imagery and production documents.''

BRDC Bulletin, January 2020

'It really is just about impossible to fault The Self Preservation Society which deservedly won the 209 RAC motoring Book of the Year Award against some strong opposition'

Mini Magazine, January 2020

'The accolade of 'Motoring Book of the Year' went to Matthew Field for 'The Self-Preservation Society 50 Years of the Italian Job' published by Porter Press International. A unanimous decision by the judges. The 335 page book includes more than 50 in-depth interviews with the cast and crew, and is beautifully illustrated with hundreds of never-before-seen photographs and production documents from the filmmakers' private collections providing a fascinating, and a behind-the-scenes look at how the British classic made its way to the big screen. It also includes a foreword by Sir Michael Caine and an introduction by Academy Award-winning Producer Michael Deeley.'

Jaguar World Monthly, January 2020

'Author Matthew Field, a leading authority, has based his massive tome on more than 50 in-depth interviews that he had with the cast and crew (including the film's star, Sir Michael Caine, who wrote the foreword) to offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the film. The book discusses the film's origins, its development, filming and release, as well as reasons behind its continuing interest. The Italian Job is also famous for the cars used in the films, including the two Jaguars. Field takes a close look at them, their history, and explains why they were chosen. You can also read about their eventual fate, post-production. It's lavishly produced and the many unseen images, plus Field's thorough research, make it worthy celebration of this cult classic - a perfect git for Christmas.'

Historic Racing News, October 2019

'Motoring Book of the Year award The accolade of 'Motoring Book of the Year' went to Matthew Field for 'The Self-Preservation Society 50 Years of the Italian Job', published by Porter Press International. A unanimous decision by the judges. Christian Whitehead from Foyles, said "it's a treasure trove of archive material with stills, behind the scene shots, promotional cinema posters and engaging facts of the stresses that the film crew had to endure. You can't help but smile at the story of the making of one of Michael Caine's best loved films". Mick Walsh from Classic & Sports Car said "A remarkable celebration of this cult movie classic that author Matthew Field has researched passionately since his teenage years. Bloody brilliant!".'

New Zealand Classic Car, October 2019

'This is as much a motoring book as the generously illustrated story of a great movie.'

Octane, October 2019

'Packed with period stills and beautifully produced by Porter Press International, this is a must-have for anyone who loves the film.'

Free Car Mag, September 2019

'Also from Porter Press, don't forget what is probably our book of the year The Self Preservation Society. You will love it.'

MiniWorld Magazine, August 2019

'Compiled over 20 years, with over 50 interviews with people involved int he making of the film. Matthew's book gives us great insight into the film that Mini owners have taken into their hearts. It includes a foreword from Sir Michael Caine and the film's producer, Michael Deeley, and contains some lovely photos from behind the scenes as well as classic images from the movie. It's the perfect book for every Mini fan's coffee table.'

Auto Italia, August 2019

' is an absolutely splendid effort.'

'Lavishly illustrated, lovingly written by a complete Italian Job fanatic, and even boasting a foreword by Sir Michael Caine, this books is not just a superb celebration of the film but also a brilliant insight into its making. We don't give stars, but if we did, this would easy get a five.'

Home Cinema Choice, August 2019

'hundreds of stills and rare behind-the-scenes photos, plus individual profiles of some of the key players in the film and the cars that appear, and you have a book that no fan of The Italian Job should be without.'

Classic & Sports Car, July 2019

'With an inviting and accessible design, and paper stock to match the quality of the prose, this is most definitely £45 well spent.' MP

Group Travel Organiser, July 2019 

'...if you loved the film, buy the book.'

Auto Express, July 2019

'This huge book tells you all you could want to know about the movie. It's well produced, great for car enthusiasts or film buffs, and has a foreword by Sir Michael Caine. Well worth the price.'

Best of British, July 2019

'Matthew Field has done great justice to this fine film in a blockbuster book that represents a lifetimes a lifetime's interest. A classic in its own right.'

New Zealand Classic Car, July 2019

'How on earth do you create a large and weighty 335-page book on a film that first screened 50 years ago? Easy, apparently, when you have a movie that was, and still is, as fascinating as The Italian Job and acclaimed authority on the film Matthew Field as author.

'Loaded with '60s swagger and famed for its endlessly quotable dialogue, The Italian Job is the ultimate celebration of Cool Britannia.

'As a lasting coffee-table tribute to the film, this book is brilliant, and Matthew Field was just the man to write it.'

Yahoo! UK and Ireland, July 2019

'It's not cheap but if you are an aficionado of The Italian Job then this book is definitely for you. Apart from anything else it's a great read and has numerous images never seen before.'

Auto Tradition, July 2019

'this definitive book will explode some myths, include a few revelations and tell the fascinating full story of this perennially popular movie'

Mail Online UK, June 6, 2019

'Written by Matthew Field, the world's leading authority on the film, the new book The Self Preservation Society: 50 Years of the Italian Job runs to 335 pages and is pretty hard to put down.'

Free Car Mag

'This is the best book you will ever read about the Britain's best caper film. Packed full of great stories. As exciting as the actual chase.'