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Book Reviews for Ford Model T

Italian Job book

Practical Classics, June 2021

'In this superb hardback, Chas Parker gives fascinating insight into the world of the Model T. Wit restoration, engineering, competition and owner views all covered. It is a must-have book for any T enthusiast.'


Wheels Alive, May 2021

'A terrific book, which I very much enjoyed. It is well-written, and has been produced by Chas Barker and others who know the Model Ts well and who love them, but who also write about the vehicles with honesty, rather than just seeing them through rose-tinted spectacles.'

'The wealth of superbly-reproduced photographs and diagrams, including early shots of the cars and factories, plus Model Ts being used in their heyday and in the 21st Century, is wonderful to see. I spent a long time looking at these image. each one capturing a moment so wonderfully!'

'I can fully see the appeal oft hr cars, and whether or not you are an owner or intend to buy one, if you are interested in motoring and history, this book should definitely be on your bookshelf!'


The Automobile, May 2021

'Despite innumerable books and articles being written on Model Ts since productions began 113 years ago, Chas Parker has still found original content for Ford Model T: An Enthusiast's Guide, and produced a work that summarises the important points about the T into one concise volume.'


Book of the Month, Best of British, May 2021

'The enthusiasm for the Model T continues in the UK today as can be discovered by reading the views here from drivers, owners and restorers. Those fabulous vehicles, often called Tin Lizzies or Flivvers, continue to turn heads today.'


Classic Car Weekly, May 2021

'This is a rare thing - Model T book written, at least partly, from a British perspective. But it gives the history of the car, owners' stories and technical details to give the reader everything they need to know. The colour photography inside is good if not beautiful, while period sketches help to explain technical aspects. There are motor sport and restoration sections, too, so it is a varied book that paints in broad strokes. A good read for Model T enthusiasts who don't yet consider themselves experts.' Charlie Calderwood