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Jaguar XK 120 Supersonic by Ghia - Reviews & Testimonials, 2020
'Chassis 679768, the featured player in this book, certainly wowed its current custodian-a connoisseur who plunked down over $2 million at a 2015 auction. The car's original owner may well have been a connoisseur too, he certainly thought of himself that way, but his checkbook couldn't keep up with this good taste and he had to skip town with his bills unpaid and his cars repossessed (he had also ordered the sister car). The story alone would be worth reading the book for but there's a lot more, and it's all superlatively done and ticks many boxes.
'To appreciate how well thought out this new book is you only have to consider that it has a truly fine index-just how fine you can tell by, for instance, the fact that all "Ghia-styled cars" are bundled under one entry, among whose various subdivisions is one for all Supersonics. The attention to detail is evident throughout.
'UK readers will have had plenty of occasion to come across Heseltine's name, as a contributor on automotive subjects to such mainstream newspapers as The Guardian and specialist car magazines such as Octane and many others. He is most adept as turning a phrase, stringing a story together, and both having a point of view and a frame of reference.
'For the riches it offers, the book is quite absurdly cheap. Hopefully this is a harbinger of the other books to come in this series. Heseltine says he's always loved cars, and everything to do with them. He does take on custom writing/research projects so if you have a special car, get him on the horn.'