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Ford GT40 - The autobiography of 1075 - Reviews & Testimonials

ford gt40 1075 book

BRDC Bulletin, Spring 2019

'The quality of image reproduction throughout is first class, benefitting from the high quality paper and the large page size. Captions are short but pertinent and informative. There is a very helpful index.'

Fortyfication, December 2018

'Nowadays, chassis numbers are an integral part of the classic car trade. People – especially buyers – want to know precisely what a car has done; its race record is of immense interest and, indeed, has a profound effect on its value. From this has come the Great Cars series of books. Each one looks in serious detail at the exploits of just one car. When it came time to do the GT40, there is one car which stands head and shoulders above the rest: GT40P/1075.

'The text is well-written, and really brings the events to life. Although I already know 1075’s history very well, I still enjoyed reading once more of its epic battles, with Porsche as arch-rival, culminating in that amazing finish at Le Mans 1969.

'Ford GT40 is produced to a very high standard, and it includes literally hundreds of well-reproduced photographs of GT40s and their main rivals. The text tells the complete story, and is easy to read. Even if you think you already know all about this great car, you really should add this book to your collection. Now I find that another book in the series, Great Cars 3, about MkII 1016, is still available. I really must put that on the Christmas list!'

Motorsport, June 2018

'Hutton has done a sterling job trawling photographic archives, too, and his efforts have produced a wonderful collection of rare shots, famous image and others that are worthy of lengthy study - not least the black and white photo of a bemused Oliver and Ickx enveloped by crowds, having just signed the GT40 off with its greatest victory.' JP

Classic Ford, March 1, 2018

'This car's entire competition life is brought vividly back to life.'

Octane, March 1, 2018

...'the book is illustrated with period photographs reproduced with a clarity that will take the breath away of those who pored over such pictures in 1960s magazines. I think this is the best Great Cars story yet: GT40 lovers, this is your book.'

Classic and Sports Car, February 1, 2018

'Arguably the most successful GT40, ‘1075’ is the subject of the latest in the Great Cars series.

'In the hands of Bianchi and Rodríguez in 1968, and Ickx and Oliver in 1969, this car landed two Le Mans victories among six outright wins.

'Another comprehensive, well-produced and well-priced offering.'

Classic Car Weekly, February 21, 2018

'Another winner!'

Auto Express, January 2018

'If you can't see it in the flesh, take solace in this book's brilliant studio photos. And it's a fine read as well.'

Classic Motor Monthly, January 1, 2018

'This sumptuous new book tells the story of one of the world's most important racing cars, the iconic Gulf-liveried blue-and-orange Ford GT40 that won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1968 and again in 1969.

'... this car's entire competition life is brought vividly back to life. Author Ray Hutton, long-time editor of Autocar magazine, witnessed '1075' race in period and knew team manager John Wyer and many of the GT40 drivers personally.'

Best of British, 2018

'There's great coverage of all the races, drivers and subsequent history and more than 300 images including a great one showing Innes Ireland with his foot on the tyre when conducting a test drive for Autocar magazine in 1968. Another classic.'

The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain, 2018 review by Guy Loveridge

'That the GT 40 which took victory at La Sarthe in 1968 and 1969 should have a book dedicated to it exclusively is something that ticks the “About Time” box if you are, like me, a fan of Ford’s Ferrari challenger.

'It is, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, right up there with Ronnie Spain’s legendary title on the Ford sports racer. Heartily commended without reservation.'

Business Money, December 2017

'We have now reached the 11th in the 'Great Cars' series of simply stunning books published by Porter Press. To the ardent car fanatic, these remarkably informative tomes (320pp) are not just coffee-table impressive, because they are also packed with superior grade photography, outstandingly readable editorial and a wonderful bled of anecdotal and detailed memories.'

'The author is the outstanding Ray Hutton, a motoring and motorsport journalist renowned for the depth of his coverage across several automotive titles. While not wishing to diminish the value of any of them, I believe that Porter Press have provided him with the ideal vehicle, in this book, for him to display his journalistic art to perfection. Needless to say, no lea is left unturned in its comprehensive reportage of a charismatic motorcar, which is regarded by all interested parties as the most important endurance race car in history.'

'It is a fantastic read and reference book for fans of the ultimate race car.'

Book of the Week, Eastern Daily Press, December 2017

'...this car's entire competition life is brought vividly back to life.'

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