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PLEASE NOTE: Customs/import tax charges may be added to your order. The courier will notify you of any such charges by SMS or email.

Book Reviews: SuperFinds

superfinds book

My Car Heaven, February 2022

'Michael Kliebenstein presents a host of vehicles displayed in less than salubrious surroundings, offering an earthy spotlight on car lifecycles. Painstakingly trawling through scrapyards and garages, Kliebenstein offers a less extravagant perspective on classic vehicles. This serves to show that even the most decorated cars have a post-peak existence, expunged to murky storage in retirement. In a stroke of genius, the book is mounted with the same rusty exterior as the vehicles illustrated inside its pages.'

Octane, January 2021

'Such nostalgia will no doubt raise a wistful tear for those who lived through the pre-internet era when there were still discoveries to be made and not everyone knew the precise value of everything. Brilliant.'

 Auto Italia, January 2021

'In its 420 large-format pages, the book will delight you with its 900 plus photographs, all of them astonishing in some way, from a time when crashed racers and top-class cars were simply abandoned. The only slight frustration is that the full stories behind each car remain untold; there are simple captions for most of the images which leave you wanting to know much more about the cars, how the discoveries were made and what happened to the cars next. But no mistake, this is an extraordinary volume that comes highly recommended.'

Speedweek, December 2020

'There is simply no book like this one, with each of the 400 pages new pictures and stories emerge that astonish us. With the help of another collector, Thomas Sommer, Michael Kliebenstein erected a memorial to the barn find and nourishes the hope of every classic car fan that maybe he too will win the jackpot one day as the hunter of the apparently lost treasure.

'...if you enjoy old cars, whether for the street or for the racetrack, and if you appreciate exciting anecdotes, you can lose yourself in this fabulous book for hours.'

Wheels Alive, November 2020

'Superfinds is a compelling work.'

Beaded Wheels, 2020

Within 420 very large pages are about 900 photos selected from some 4000 negatives that Michael Kliebenstein unearthed in an old garage in Italy. What a treasure trove! To take just a few examples, there's an Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 that was used on a horse race track with a rig in the back, a Maserati 250S from an Italian race driving school and a Bugatti Type 43A chassis that was found in France. Hopefully most of them found appreciative new homes...

As well as Europe and the USA, South America and Africa were promising places for automotive finds, which is why we see a sad Porsche 906 in Dakar. The unexpected appears on almost every page including a cache on Ferrari GP components that Cupellini rescued just before the Scuderia sold them to a scrap merchant. Talking of scrap, how about a Lamborghini Miura alongside a Ferrari 250GT in a French wrecker's yard?

You can dip in and out of this beautifully-presented publication for hours, admiring Cupellini's ability to track these cars down and wondering about their before and after stories. This is a book to treasure.'

Magneto, 2020

'There are more than 900 previously unseen photos of such finds, and although some are simply of exotic cards on the street, there's pure gold here.'