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Book Reviews - John Fitzpatrick Group C Porsches

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Classic Cars, December 2019

Group C Porsches Classic Cars Magazine

Porsche Road and Race (web), October 2019

'Every so often a new book comes along that causes you to take a sharp intake of breath. The new John Fitzpatrick Group C Porsches book published by Porter Press does just that! It is a comprehensive, well-written, well-illustrated, high quality publication.'

MotorSport, July 24, 2019

'I know, I know... Not another book about the Porshce 956/962! Few racing cars in history have inspired such a flood of literary works, but stick with me here, because this one is rather different.

'Here at Motor Sport  we are blessed with heaving bookshelves of titles from hundreds of different authors, their works dedicated to manufacturers, models, drivers, evebts and venues from all walks of the sport. Porsche dominates our collection, largely thanks to the swathe of 911 titles on the market, but the 956/962 runs that topic a close second.

'Therefore, to stand out from the crowd, any new title has to do something different, to find a new angle. And that's exactly what author Mark Cole has gone for with John Fitzpatrick Group C Porsches - The Definitive History.

'Throughout the book is dripping in beautiful imagery, sourced from leading archives like LAT, Sutton, Getty and Revs Institute, plus more than a few of the author's own shots, too. 

'It may be more niche than a general 956/962 work, and the reader needs to have more than a smidgen of admiration for Fitzpatrick's career to get the most from it.'


Classic Car Weekly, September 4, 2019

'Essential for the die-hard Porsche motorsport enthusiast keen on unseen material.'


Bucks and Winslow Advertiser, July 12, 2019

'The book also tells the story of John Fitzpatrick, who many claim is the best British driver never to have raced Formula One.'