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Below are our latest testimonials & book reviews which we are very pleased to be able to share with you.

Martin Brundle quote

'Whenever I glance at our book, I still smile with great satisfaction.' Martin Brundle



'I wanted to buy a couple of your books anyway so I thought I would test out your distribution system to the USA. So I ordered two books on Tuesday and they arrived yesterday (Thursday)! That is a quite remarkable turn around so full marks to everyone involved.' David W


Below are just a small selection of some fabulous reviews on Works Porsche 956 - The Definitive History, by Serge Vanbockryck



Sport Auto, Germany, March 2020

'The definitive history of the Porsche 956? The title seems almost understated after reading the book. Serge Vanbockryck, both as a fan and as a journalistically accomplished historian, has written a standard work that will hardly ever be topped.'


PUUR Porsche Magazine, The Netherlands, March 2020

'This book is the best we’ve ever seen in the field of Porsche racing books.'


000 Magazine, USA, April 2020

'Serge Vanbockryck’s book is the first large-scale effort to give the 956 proper respect. The man is well versed in the history of sports-car racing and, as a former sports journalist, he attended many of the major events.'



The Self Preservation Society - 50 Years of The Italian Job (5 ★)
'Absolutely delighted with this book, which provides a wealth of new information about my favourite film of all time.' Malcolm W.

Ferrari 857S - The remarkable history of 0578M (5 ★)
'Top service and Shipping quality. Books are in perfect condition.' Marc N.

Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe - The autobiography of CSX2300 (5 ★)
A Magnificent Acquisition
'What a great book. It is large and heavy, and arrived at my home in Thailand 3 weeks after ordering. Kudos to Porter press. With disruptions in mail service during this time, that was a surprise in itself. I admit I haven't even begun to read it yet as I am in awe of 330 9x11 inch pages with multiple high quality photos on each page. Some pages are full size color photos. I have a number of quality automotive books, but this is by far the best in appearance. Now I shall get to my reading. Highly recommended.' David E.


Below: from Driving Pleasure | Something completely different! | Issue 8, June 2020


'I have just received the complete set of "Exceptional Car" series as a 70th birthday gift. They are simply stunning and destined to keep an old man very happy. Rest assured, I will be adding to my collection as and when new titles appear. Best regards, Marc Brookes.'


One Formula - 50 years of car design (5 ★)

'A thing of enthusiastic beauty

'This book didn’t come cheap but was worth all the pennies. Probably one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever got my hands on. Exciting, unbelievably nice in the layout, this is a must have for all F1 fans, and anyone who seeks to try to understand pure determination. Thank you!' Gabor S.


Bugatti Type 50 - The autobiography of Bugatti's first Le Mans car (5 ★)

'Excellent Book

'A well researched book with lots of interesting detail.' Peter S.


Jaguar Lightweight E Type 49 FXN (5 ★)

'A thorough and very readable account. Excellent photographs. No stone has been left unturned.' Harmina A.


The All-american Hero and Jaguar's Racing E-types (5 ★)

'I just finished it at the weekend and absolutely loved it, a brilliant book.' Clive S.


The XK Files: 120, by Jennifer Barker (5 ★)


'Most enjoyable for a child who is 70+ and an XK120 owner'. Sally R. 


Below: from Driving Pleasure | Something completely different! | Issue 7, June 2020


Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe: The autobiography of CSX2300 by Rinsey Mills

 Octane, Book of the Month

Octane book of the month

'While we were talking with Peter Brock, designer of the Cobra Daytona Coupe, for Octane's cover feature about Cobras in issue 203, he recommended this new book to us. Which tells you all you need to know: if you're interested in these shapely racing coupés, it's an essential purchase.

'... there's far more to this book than the history of a single Daytona Coupe. As Brock himself writes in the foreword: ' [The author's] first-hand accounts ... bring into focus so many of the guys on the crew who have never had the recognition they deserved.' And for this reviewer, at least, it's the behind-the-scenes pictures inside and outside the Shelby workshops that really resonate - guys with shirtsleeves rolled up, working around the clock to finish a project that they're completely immersed in.

'Presentation of these images (and the notably clear text and captions) is uniformly superb. Look at the example, below, of CSX2286 being loaded into a TWA airliner: can't you just feel the heat bouncing off the concrete beneath a searing Californian sky? It all adds up to a very handsome production indeed.'

And more...

“More accolades for the Daytona book.....we've many phone calls as well.  Very complimentary...”. Peter Brock

“I received the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe book on Saturday.  I love the composition of the photos along with their descriptions and then the associated stories.  Great reading and very well done!

“I was especially pleased for it to be plated #36, a special treat… Thank you so much!" Peter O.

Auto Express, March 2020

'It's impressive to see a volume with such high production values and so much detail about a car that's so rare - only six Daytona Coupés were built. It's a well researched story, and as always we enjoy this series' selections of high-quality studio shots at the end of the book.'

Porsche Road & Race (web)

'Truly one of the ‘Great Cars', the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé is a most worthy title in this acclaimed series of books. The author, Rinsey Mills, is a lifelong enthusiast of the Cobra, having restored and raced the cars. Any enthusiast of motorsport in the 1960s, whether that be Ferrari, Cobra, Aston Martin, Jaguar or Porsche, this book will prove a most valuable addition to your motorsport library.'

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Review by The All-American Hero and Jaguar’s Racing E-types

Review of Briggs Cunningham book

'As always with Porter Press products, the attention given over to presentation is first class. Profusely illustrated, and edited by Simon Arron, the book closes with a superb close-up image gallery supplied by Michael Furman of E-type chassis number 875027. This is the car driven by Briggs Cunningham and John Fitch to a class win at Sebring in 1962.

'Criticisms? None. It’s a great read, and superb value at £60, less using the Retro-Speed discount code. This is not the only book dedicated to Briggs Cunningham, but in my view, it is the best. Thoroughly recommended.' Review by Peter Baker

"Another fantastic book.

"I have always been interested in Briggs Cunningham. When I found out about this book being published it went straight to the top of my shopping list.Excellent from start to finish of the highest quality. ..This is my 15th book from Porterpress. They are at the top of their game. Congratulations to all involved." Andrew N.


Below: from Driving Pleasure | Something completely different! | Issue 5, May 28 2020


From David Lillywhite, Editor, Magneto

I received The All-American Hero and Jaguar's Racing E-types book a couple of days ago, and I just wanted to say that I think it's absolutely stunning.

I've already read substantial chunks of it, and it's proving fascinating, but also the repro of the photographs and overall quality is just remarkable. Fantastic!

Very best regards,



90th Birthday box setFrom Guy Hanten, Luxembourg - Guy ordered a Stirling Moss 90th Birthday Set which we despatched. The courier then decided they had lost this large package, so we sent a replacement set to Guy. Then the courier found the parcel and returned the four Scrapbooks to us!  

Hello Louise,

I just want to let you know that my package just arrived at my home half an hour ago. Everything was so well packed that everything arrived in a very good condition!

I would also like to thank you again for your great help, your patience with me, and your efficiency to manage this ‘special’ situation with one package having been lost or even stolen…

I know that what makes a great and reliable partner is the way this partner manages such difficult situations, and you definitely managed this very tactfully and efficiently.

I had the feeling from the first time I ordered a book, or even a few books, with you that I was in good hands, and this seals definitely my loyalty to your company and its people working for it.

Keep on working so well on behalf of Porter Press and with such a great respect for your customers.

Best regards,

Guy Hanten


Below: from Driving Pleasure | Something completely different! | Issue 4, May 15 2020

From Alain de Cadenet

Dear Philip,

Good story by Chas Parker on Rodriguez in the wet Brands 1000Kms. Pedro gave a master class to one and all that afternoon. When the Sifferts, Redmans, Elfords and Ickxs are astounded by a driver’s performance - indeed so was every other driver in the race - you knew that something special was taking place. 

At the end of the event, Pedro looked just as immaculate as he had looked at the start - not a hair out of place, his grin giving nothing away. As the late, much-missed RAF pilot, Ray Hannah, used to say, ‘There are those who can and those who can’t.’ 

But then it was still a sport…




From Howard Cohen, USA

Good morning Philip,

Thank you for your latest Newsletter. I too have fond memories of Stirling Moss and admired him greatly although I didn't know him nearly as well as you did. You might find this brief recollection and very poor quality photograph of some interest. It dates from Johannesburg in 1974. One of my cars was a 1962 Cooper Climax that had a 2.7-litre Coventry Climax engine that it had been fitted with for the Intercontinental Series (I think) and had subsequently been acquired by the Rhodesian Champion John Love who was famous for coming third in the 1967 South African Grand Prix with the car when it was hopelessly out of date.

Photo of Stirling Moss

The car was known as ‘Gertrude’ and I got her from the late-Hugh Gearing after crashing it into the catch fences at Kyalami's Crowthorne Corner after he'd lent it to me to try. I've never been very good in formula cars since I lack that certain deftness to exploit them properly and was happy to lend the car to Stirling to demonstrate before the 1974 South African Grand Prix. We'd known each other slightly through racing in various places (enhanced perhaps by us both having been expelled from the same school) and he arrived in Johannesburg a few days before the Grand Prix to have a visit and practise the car at Kyalami.

He started out at (perhaps) 2 minutes 10 seconds for his first lap and after a dozen more was at 1.36 dead where he stayed for the next six laps before coming in saying,  ‘Now I know why I used to go motor racing!’ John Love's best time in the car had been 1.36.5 and mine had been just over 1.37. Both John Love and I used to use a rev limit of 7,200 RPM but when Stirling came in he'd left the telltale at 6,500! 

That was when I knew I'd never be a great racing driver!




From Lars Theunissen, Munich, Germany

Dear Porter Press team,

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your great charity offer. As you can see, I´ve happily taken advantage of it and ordered five more books for my collection. Not only was I very pleased to be able to order these with a discount of GBP 65, but to know that another GBP 65 will be donated to the WHO by Porter Press is a real bonus too! :-) So, thank you very much indeed for this great initiative!

May I also take this opportunity to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the books in the "Great Cars", "Exceptional Cars" and "Ultimate Cars" series. With my order of today, I now have 15 of these in my collection and more will certainly follow (MUCH looking forward to the McLaren F1 GTR books for example). I hope that many more interesting titles will follow for many years to come in all three series. For example, a few more on classic racing Porsche´s like the one you did on the 917 would be great :-)

Well, thanks again to the whole Porter Press team for giving me and all the other car enthusiasts worldwide such great literature to enjoy. You are my favourite publisher without any doubt!

Best regards and stay healthy

Lars Theunissen


From Adrian Morris (One of our two superb book designers)

Dear Philip,

I was watching the Netflix film about Fangio last night and there is a lovely lingering shot in there of a pile of books. Centre of frame: two Porter Press books about Maserati by a certain Ian Wagstaff.



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