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New Ford Book | The Cars You Always Promised Yourself

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How Ford designed, engineered and marketed the fastest Fords

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Finalist for book of the year 2019"After more than 30 years in the car industry, and as one who started out at Ford, I felt that enthusiasts deserved to be taken inside the design studios and engineering centres to see and hear first-hand what happened as the iconic RS cars, XRs and the Capri were born."Ford book by Steve Saxty

The Cars You Always Promised Yourself – is a unique book about Ford's special vehicles and glamorous coupes that covers 50 years of Ford’s design, engineering and marketing.

Ford gave the author unique access to their secret design archives and he spoke to many of Ford’s legendary leaders from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Former Ford chairman Bob Lutz, famous design director Patrick le Quément and Rod Mansfield - the leader of Special Vehicle Engineering - have all written forewords

Over 300 pages in a large 10.35-inch by 10.35-inch, 155,000 words equal to two full-length novels supported by nearly 500 images. Over 85 per cent of the hundreds of photos have never been seen before; design sketches, prototypes and wind tunnel models.

  • Original Escort and Focus RS design sketches
  • Abandoned RS coupe
  • First Cosworth prototype
  • Cancelled 1975 Capri RS2800
  • Sierra design alternatives

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