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Competition Cars collectors' edition
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Ultimate E-type - The Competition Cars (collectors' edition)

Regular price £ 2,200.00 GBP

This car was fitted with the most powerful XK engine Jaguar ever built.

It was modified by the Jaguar Competition Dept with Malcolm Sayer’s very beautiful Low Drag bodywork. Today, it is worth several million pounds.

Just 25 very special copies are expertly hand-bound by Ludlow Bookbinders.

Complete with craftsman-made box, they are priced at £2,200 each. Of that, £1,000 will go to the Henry Surtees Foundation.

The Lightweight Es are the ultimate E-types, and this is the ultimate book on these charismatic cars.  This is the full story of the competition E-types that took on the might of the Ferrari and often beat the legendary GTOs and the AC Cobras.

  • Book includes original metal from Lindner Lightweight E
  • Limited to 25 copies
  • Hardback, 528 pages, 11.22" x 10.22" (285mm x 260mm)
  • Leather-bound with craftsman-made box
  • £1000 per copy to charity
  • Is this a first? The Collectors’ Edition of a new motoring book will include a numbered piece of original metal from one of the 11 remaining Lightweight Es.
  • Copies signed by author, Philip Porter

This edition has been created in conjunction with Peter Neumark, the owner of the famous ex-Le Mans Lindner Low Drag Lightweight and top classic car specialists, Classic Motor Cars, who have carried out an amazing 7000-hour rebuild of the car which was crashed in 1964. Each book has its own unique number stamped out on original Lightweight E-type metal in the same format as an E-type body tag.

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