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Anniversary Set: Capri 50 + The Cars You Always Promised Yourself

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This anniversary set of two Capri-centric books (standard editions) represents unbeatable value; saves £15 vs buying individually.

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The all-new Capri 50 is the only officially-recognised book that celebrates the Capri’s anniversary. Its sister book, the award-winning The Cars You Always Promised Yourself, is the largest and most definitive work on the Capri. It features hundreds of unique and rare photos that meticulously tell the Capri story from beginning to end, as well as the cars that intended to replace it. These two exceptional books pair together perfectly to tell the Capri story through different complementary lenses without overlap. They allow the reader the choice of a celebratory, illustration-rich feast, full of never-told, first-hand stories from the legends behind the Capri. Or, a beautifully written and meticulously researched study of the car’s design, engineering and marketing. Together, these are the definitive, and largest, books ever written about the car. They are essential reading for any enthusiast during the Capri’s 50th anniversary.

By Steve Saxty

ISBN: 978-1-907085-79-6

Capri 50 standard book bundle

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