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John Elmgreen

Author, John Elmgreen

John Elmgreen, born in Australia in 1948, has been a Jaguar XK enthusiast since his university days where he bought his first Jaguar, an XK 120 DHC, to restore. A lawyer by profession, in the early 1970s he started collecting information on XKs throughout Australia, before leaving for England in 1975 and living in London for six years. In 1980, having taken his XK 120 to see the Le Mans 24-Hour race, he decided, together with Terry McGrath from Perth, to turn their collective research efforts into a book. Several years later The Jaguar XK in Australia was published in 1985. As the internet became an ever more productive source, he expanded his collection of historical XK information to the histories of every XK ever made (all 30,000 of them). Today, he is one of the leading authorities on '50s Jaguar sports cars in Australia. John’s interests do not just include Jaguar XKs. He also has a keen interest in cricket, wine and music. In his spare time, he plays in two bands in the Sydney area.