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Long before there was Lewis Hamilton, there was Stirling Moss, still considered by many to be the greatest British racing driver of all time.

The Porter Press collection of Stirling Moss books is headed up by the Definitive Biography of this extraordinary man, the result of years of painstaking work by Philip Porter and described as ‘a book for all Moss fans’ by Vintage Racecar. Our four Scrapbooks devoted to the legendary driver’s life are crammed with contemporary reports, period photographs and behind-the-scenes stories, completing a catalogue that has something for every motor-racing enthusiast.

  • Stirling Moss Biography
    Stirling Moss book - The Definitive Biography, Volume 1

    Stirling Moss - The Definitive Biography, Volume 1

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    A biography worthy of Britain's greatest racing driver. Stirling Moss is one of the greatest sportsman of all time. He was successful in all forms...

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    £ 35.00 GBP