Exceptional Cars Collection

Exceptional Cars Series

The sister series to our acclaimed ‘Great Cars’ collection, this new and growing addition to the Porter Press catalogue features individual cars with remarkable histories. Opening with Iso Bizzarrini - the story of the last and most successful 1960s Iso AC/3 Grifo race car and continuing through Jaguar XK 120 - the superb alloy-bodied XKC 051, books on the first three Shelby Cobras, a beautiful Aston Martin Ulster and a notable GT40. With expert authors, superb photography and top-quality production values, this is a series of books that no motoring enthusiast should be without.
  • Mario Cabral, Teodoro Zeccoli, Alfa Romeo
    Iso Bizzarrini - Exceptional Cars Book

    Iso Bizzarrini - The remarkable history of A3/C 0222

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      A fascinating story of the last and most successful of the Iso AC/3 Grifo race cars from the fabulous period of sports car racing in the mid-1...

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    £ 30.00 GBP