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Welcome to our new website! Our website designer Abigail Humphries has been hard at work creating our new site. We hope you will find it attractive and full of equally alluring books.

After a quiet few months on the publishing front, the summer has become awash with new titles. We were delighted by the delivery of our latest ‘Great Cars’ book, the story of the gorgeous lightweight E-type 49 FXN, and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of number nine in the series, illuminating the life of a magnificent, Le Mans-winning Jaguar C-type. It will be followed hard on its bumper by an account of one of the most famous cars in racing history: the Lotus 18 that Stirling Moss drove to victory in the Monaco Grand Prix of 1961, with no side panels. Even those with no interest in cars (if such people exist), would be impressed by such a rare achievement.

Outside the office, the noisy, heel-endangering chippings that covered the entrance drive to Porter Press HQ have been replaced by swish new dark-red tarmac that complements the old red brick of our thatched barn. If only the rains of this classic English summer would give way to good old-fashioned July sunshine, we would be able to enjoy to the full the glorious rural setting in which we are lucky enough to work. This corner of unspoilt English countryside may be an unlikely place to find one of the world’s foremost publishing companies, but when the swifts are flying and the sheep grazing in the orchard next door, none of us would exchange it for a city location, even for decent broadband speeds… Now if only we could persuade an ice-cream van to include us in its rounds!

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