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classic MG

Michael‘s SuperFinds: The mysterious racer

By Michael Kliebenstein


MG dashboard

When I was researching cars in Italy for a client, I got a call from my friend Paolo telling me that he had seen a very mysterious race car in Vicenza. The mystery being that he didn‘t know what it was. He said it could be anything between a Maserati, a Ferrari, an O.S.C.A. or whatever, but there was a chance that it was for sale. So I made my way into the Veneto region, driving all evening in the most gruesome rain you can imagine. Rain in Italy can be very bad, you know.

MG car 

Only as I got closer to Vicenza was I given the exact address of the meeting point - a dark old warehouse on the outskirts of the city which had no discernible entrance. After much searching, by which time I was wet through, I found the door only to be told that the owner had very little time. He showed me the car in, maybe, four minutes. Then he was gone.

MG special

I took some photos, realising that it was an MG Supercharged Special sitting right next to an orange 911S. But I was looking for Italian machinery. So, not for me. Neither car was for sale, but maybe in the future.

MG engine

I went home and forgot all about it until I received a call recently telling me that the MG was now available. Since I was a bit miffed about the situation and not being an MG guy, I didn‘t care to research it nor did I ask anyone about it.  But more and more I have come to like the car. So what is it exactly and has it got any real history?

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