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  • Martin Port's new office space
    May 26, 2021 Porter Press

    Pump House No.2

    When you’re a top designer and author in need of an inspirational garden office but spending silly money on a pre-built shepherd's hut seems, well, silly, then you best get creative. Which is exactly what our Martin Port has done. ...

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  • Land-Rover number one
    September 11, 2020 Porter Press

    Elegance Exemplified by Philip Porter

    There was an added sense of excitement to this year’s Concours of Elegance in the wonderful surroundings of Hampton Court Palace. Clearly people were thrilled to attend a motoring event again and the dearth of such events only served to...

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  • Number one Landie
    September 11, 2020 Porter Press

    Number One Land-Rover, by Martin Port

    JUE 477, the first production Land-Rover and chassis number one sat for 30 years in a Northumberland field. Exposed to the elements, it was eventually moved under cover in 1998, yet arguably that did it no favours as the leaking,...

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  • Trans-Africa Land Rover
    August 5, 2020 Porter Press

    Author Updates

    Update August 6 2020 Martin Port updates us on his forthcoming book on theTrans Africa Land Rover When I first photographed the rather down-at-heel 1959 Series II Land-Rover that sat, covered in ivy, outside a Shepherd’s Bush townhouse, I had...

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