Le Mans Model Collection 1949-2009 deluxe edition
Le Mans Model Collection 1949-2009 leatherbound edition
Le Mans Model Collection Books 1949-2009
Le Mans Model Collection Books 1949-2009 leatherbound edition
Model Car Books Le Mans 1949 - Le Mans 2009 deluxe edition
Le Mans 1949 - Le Mans 2009 Model Books leatherbound edition
Signed Le Mans 1949 - Le Mans 2009  Model car books
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The Le Mans Model Collection 1949-2009 (deluxe edition)

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This trilogy of books contains a remarkable collection of models which is the property of the N Collection and comprises every single car that raced at Le Mans between 1949 and 2009 – over 3,000 cars.

The three-book set that features the extraordinary N Collection of over 3,000 Le Mans competitors is now available as a spectacular deluxe edition. Hand-bound by Ludlow Bookbinders in Shropshire, the three volumes are presented in an elegant grey buckram slipcase with a dark-blue flock lining. Each book is bound in soft, dark-blue calfskin leather, with blocked lettering in silver, dark-blue ribbon and pages edged with silver gilt. Beautiful and substantial, this is a set that is worthy of display.

Models of every single car that competed in the Le Mans 24 Hours race over the six decades from 1949 to 2009 are illustrated in these three volumes, from the famous to the obscure, numbering more than 3,000 altogether. Each race is described and the salient facts are given for each car, including its driver and result. More than 9,000 colour photographs and 61 commissioned paintings contribute to the comprehensive illustrations. 

Only 50 de Luxe editions of these superb three-book sets have been produced. Collectors’ items, indeed.

Key features

• Grey buckram slipcase with dark blue flock lining

• Soft leather covers

• Silver-gilt-edged pages

• Limited edition of 50

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