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JCB Scrapbook - Celebrating 75 years of engineering innovation

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By Martin Port

In October 1945, Joseph Cyril Bamford started the company that would come to revolutionise the construction and agriculture industry.

JCB would create the world’s first backhoe loader – a concept around which it still continues to evolve and innovate – and while the model has provided the backbone of the company, the product range quickly expanded and moved into new areas.

From those modest beginnings, the past 75 years have seen JCB grow into a market leader with more than 300 different types of machine now being manufactured across four continents, but the original ethos of a family-driven company producing dependable products remains to the fore – now proudly led by Lord Anthony Bamford.

This book is an unabashed celebration of one of Great Britain’s greatest engineering names and the remarkable machines that can be seen in action all over the world. From the first trailer, produced from post-war scrap metal in 1945 to the latest award-winning electric mini-digger – the story of JCB is told through a remarkable collection of images from the company’s own archives.

  • JCB origins – Joseph Cyril Bamford and the formation of the company.
  • JCB through the years – a look at 75 years of JCB’s finest moments.
  • Advertising and promotion.
  • A model example – scale models, past and present of iconic JCB machines.
  • The quest for speed – stories of record-breaking achievements and high-flyers.
  • Around the world – JCB’s global appeal


ISBN 978-1-913089-17-7

240 x 300mm, 144 pages, softback

Over 400 colour and black & white photos