Jaguar Scrapbook deluxe edition
Deluxe Jaguar history book
Leatherbound Jaguar history book
Deluxe Jaguar history book with archive images
Classic Jaguar history book  - deluxe edition
Deluxe motorsport history book  on Jaguar
Leatherbound Jaguar history book  with archive images
Jaguar Scrapbook (de Luxe edition) - Porter Press International
Jaguar Scrapbook (de Luxe edition) - Porter Press International
Signed by philip porter
Porter Press International

Jaguar Scrapbook (deluxe edition)

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Stunning, leatherbound edition, limited to 500, Individually numbered & signed by the author, Philip Porter and ex-Jaguar test driver and product developer, Norman Dewis.

Absolutely packed with fascinating detail. Ideal for diehard enthusiasts or newcomers. Revealing interviews. Unseen archive material & stylists’ sketches. Superbly illustrated.

The Jaguar Scrapbook by Philip Porter skilfully presents an eclectic mix of historical narrative, personal interviews, big Jaguar names and original source material – including styling drawings, period memos, contemporary photos and news cuttings to provide an evocative insight into the story behind one of the World’s most iconic car manufacturers. 

  • Packed with fascinating information.
  • A superbly illustrated, beautifully designed book.
  • Ideal for newcomers to the Jaguar subject or diehard enthusiasts.
  • New information for even the most knowledgeable enthusiast.
  • Unseen, unique archive material.
  • Stylists’ own sketches.
  • Fascinating and revealing interviews.
  • Chapter per decade.
  • Sports cars, saloon cars and sports racing cars.
  • Pre-war, classic and modern Jaguars.
  • Packed with revelations and unseen drawings.
  • Standard Edition: 160 pages, full colour, 12”x14”/300x350mm, hardback.

For more information on the author, Philip Porter, visit our Author Profiles page.

Jaguar standard scrapbook

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