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Stirling Moss Scrapbook Series | Media Reviews

Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1955

Stirling moss scrapbook 1955

Issue 173, Italian Grand Prix, September 2015

'Besides its large format and prolific illustration, the appeal of this book - the first of four, now reprinted - lies in one's ability to dive in and out whenever and wherever the mood takes one.'

Auto Express, August 2015

'A great keepsake for any motorsport fan.'

Classic Car Weekly, August 2015

'...this large format book is a great tribute to Sir Stirling.'

'All the period press cuttings, sepia and colour pictures, plus bits of memorabilia and quotes, give this book the feel that you are looking at a real scrapbook reflecting the wonderful world of motor racing in the mid 1950s.' DB

Best New Motoring Book, Octane, August 2005

'Sometimes, ephemera can tell you as much about a subject as the meticulously researched biography - and it's a lot more fun to look at. That's why this latest addition to the Moss canon is so welcome: it's basically a collation of press cuttings, snapshots and personal mementoes from Moss's own albums, celebrating one of the most important years of his life. In 1955 Moss finished second to Fangio in the F1 World Championship and won the Milli Miglia and the Targa Floria, a remarkable tally by any standards.

 Naturally, such major events are well documented here, but it's the the peripheral stuff that catches the eye - photos of the young Moss, looking impossibly fit and handsome, waterskiing on the Italian Riviera in the perfect encapsulation of La Dolce Vita, or pull-out quotes about Moss's many girlfriends, such as the ultra-brief and cryptic 'Brookie was an American press girl'. The numerous clippings from newspapers of the day give you a tabloid sense of immediacy that a conventional biography never could.

Dipping into this world of glamour make you feel like a 1950s star-struck school-boy, whether or not you ever were one.'

Book of the Month, Classic & Sports Car, July 2005

'Moss' scrapbooks are remarkable. Unlike many drivers, he diligently saved ephemera or, rather, paid for a cuttings service. 

Elements have been sampled in biographies but Jaguar authority Porter has had the inspired idea of making a feature of them. This bold, 160-page landscape book is the first of a series presenting each year of Moss' career and the result is hugely enjoyable. Each spread combines press cuttings, cartoons, magazine covers and photos - complemented by anecdotes from Moss and his friends, recorded by Porter.

From Borranis fitted on Stirling's hot Standard 8 to the false alarm when his girlfriend Sally Tollett went missing in Italy, it's the variety that makes this so absorbing. Be it heat exhaustion in the Argentine GP or relaxing on a Healey speedboat with Louise King and a mystery girl in Nassau, the pages present a vivid study of a superstar in the '50s.'

'We can't wait for the next.'

Issue 20, Jaguar Heritage

'This book is highly recommended and will become immediately collectable.'

Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1961

Stirling moss scrapbook 1961

Classic and Sports Car, July 2006

'If you’re a Stirling Moss fan, this is a must-have book...'

Octane, July 2006

'If you're experiencing a sense of deja vu, it's because this is the second volume based on Stirling Moss's own scrapbooks to appear in recent months. And, like the first one, it's our Book of the Month.'

'There aren't many motor racing books that you can leave on your coffee table and be confident that any visitor - including your car-hating Aunt Agatha - will pick up and enjoy. Designer Andrew Garman and coauthor Philip Porter have done a great job of creating a real pick V mix of press cuttings, photographs, letters and ephemera alongside a running commentary based on Moss's diaries; it's perfect for dipping into as well as being a valuable chronicle of this significant year in Moss's career.'