Martin Brundle Scrapbook Book Reviews and Testimonials

‘What a great book!  It’s a very honest account of a very interesting life.  Martin’s inimitable style comes across throughout and it was fascinating to read the thoughts of some of the other characters whose paths have crossed Martin’s during his long and varied career.  Any book that manages to be entertaining, informative, insightful and amusing all at the same time has to be doing something right.  It’s a must for every racing fan’s coffee table’.  Louise Goodman

Classic & Sportscar, November, 2013

‘Such has been Brundle’s success as a broadcaster, it is easy to forget how good a racer he was.  The latest in Philip Porter’s Scrapbook series redresses the balance, and does a good job of covering the Norfolk driver’s unusual route to F1.  He started in hot rods and saloons, and the photos from that part of his career are excellent.

‘In F1 terms, Brundle had a knack for being in the right place at the wrong time – Benetton alongside Schumacher, McLaren when it had Peugeot engines – but in sports cars he was the accepted benchmark.  There is more text than the format might suggest, and it adds up to a revealing portrait of a world-class driver and peerless commentator.’