Jaguar Lightweight E-type - the autobiography of 49 FXN - book reviews

Lightweight E-type 49 FXN book reviews

Julian Roberts


I have just spent a very happy hour browsing 49 FXN and have little else to say other than I am thrilled!

PJ Publishing newsletter, July 2017

'I was very impressed by this book. It is a comprehensive life-story of one of the most interesting lightweight E-types, which was later developed privately away from Jaguar to become potentially one of the fastest of its breed. 

...'The reproduction quality is excellent and all in all, I have no hesitation in recommending this book to the student of the lightweight E-type Jaguar in motor racing.'

Classic Car Weekly, August 2017

When a sports car is known by its registration number, you can be sure it has been regularly raced, seen and admired. That is certainly the case with 49 FXN.

One of just two of the Lightweight E-types to receive aerodynamic bodywork, it had originally been bought and raced in 1963 by Peter Lumsden and Peter Sargent. In recent years, 49 FXN has become a regular attraction at the Goodwood Revival and Le Mans Classic, and it looks set to continue to delight us for many years., August 2017

'I have said it before and I reiterate, Philip Porter deserves wider recognition for these splendidly detailed, literary efforts. They are costly but also worth every penny.'

Automobile, September 2017

...'The format of these Great Cars books is now familiar enough; background on Lumsden and Sargent, the genesis of the E-type and then a year-by-year journey through this car’s early years. An excellent selection of photographs illustrates the first part of the car’s life. Shots showing the nely formed alumninium body being tested for aerodynamic efficiency – on public roads – are particularly fascinating. The text benefits from first-hand accounts from all the major players in the car’s story, and there are results for all of its competition appearances. Later history is equally well covered, and a set of studio portraits of 49 FXN today wraps things up nicely.

'If you already have the first seven volumes on your shelf, no doubt this new book will already be on order. For the casual reader, it might not be the best jumping-off point for Jaguar competition car history, but is fascinating nonetheless.'

Classic Cars, October 2017

‘More to Enjoy’: The low-drag E-type’s life told in incredible detail and beautifully illustrated.

Octane, October 2017

 ...'There are myriad racing shots and a fabulous photo gallery of the car as it is today. Nothing is left out. Prepare for a long read.'

Classic & Sports Car, September 2017

'Book of the Month: This is the story, told in compelling detail by Philip Porter and former C&SC editor James Page, of the E-type known as the ‘Lumsden/Sargent’ car. Yet, as they point out, the two Peters raced the famous Lightweight for only three years. The exhaustive research..., included talking to all the main characters involved. The gripping race reports feature quotes from the hotshoes – about the car and their sometimes fraught relationship with Browns Lane, Jaguar being wary of privateers modifying the Lightweight.

'The car’s aerodynamic transformation – masterminded by Sami Klat at Imperial College – is described in depth, including M1 airflow tests with wool tufts. Minor adjustments were done with a rubber mallet!

'The E-type’s later CV is just as intriguing, illustrated via the superb photos. It rolled into the pond at Oulton (without injury to John Scott-Davies) and did The Pom with David Cottingham, before its starring role back at Goodwood. It’s about as good as car books get.'

The Bulletin, Autumn, 2017

'Porter Press International continue their excellent Great Cars series, each volume describing car in great detail, with this tome on Peter Lumsden and Peter Sargent Lightweight E-type known in Jaguar circles by its registration number, 49 FXN. This is book No. 8 in a series which has included ERA R4D, a Maserati 250F, a Porsche 917 and Ferrari 250 GTO, 4153 GT and is building into an important resource on the history of some formidable cars.

'This is a beautifully produced work well written and entertaining to read but, once again, the jewel in the crown must be the photographs, all well reproduced and captioned in sufficient detail considering the placement in the text. Highly recommended.'

Jaguar World, January, 2018

'As you'd expect from E-type expert Philip Porter, this is a well researched book. With interviews with Lumsden himself, Sami Klat, and many more who knew it during its heyday, the 320-page book hardbound offers a great insight into this famous car as well as racing on the national and international stage in the sixties.

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