Fine-Bound Books

Ludlow bookbinders are steeped in the finest traditions of the world renowned.

They source their papers from Nepal, Japan, Italy, France & Germany and of course English hand marbled papers.

Their belief is that their leather bound books, properly looked after, will last for generations.


Trevor Lloyd – Bookbinder

The deluxe & collectors’ editions of Ultimate E-type – The Competition Cars and the deluxe Original Jaguar XK - The Restorers Guide have been hand-bound in finest Moroccan goatskin by top binder and book restorer, Trevor Lloyd.

Trevor Lloyd has been binding and restoring antiquarian books for book collectors, dealers and private libraries for over thirty years. His knowledge of books and the materials used in their construction – together with his skills as a craftsman bookbinder – enables Trevor to rebind and restore antiquarian books to the exact style of their period and country of origin. As well as binding modern books in the classic English style, Trevor is a former editor of the Society of Bookbinders’ Journal and lectures around the world about the history and techniques of bookbinding.