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Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1961

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Stirling Moss is an icon - by 1961 he was at the height of his remarkable career. 

The words ‘Stirling Moss’ conjure up an immediate picture – an image of speed, excitement, daring, jet-setting and beautiful women.

He was unquestionably the finest racing driver in the world, the benchmark by which lesser mortals were judged, and a charismatic sportsman, known the world over.

A hero to millions, his story is the stuff of legend. Often battling against the odds, he would brilliantly triumph against adversity. There was no better illustration of this than his 1961 season. Being better prepared for the new formula, Ferrari had a new, much more powerful engine than the British constructors. So Moss was to race with an under-powered Lotus. But Lotus could not sell his team a 1961 car so he had to race a 1960 example. Stirling preferred to race for a gentlemanly private entrant rather than a works team. And Ferrari set three, and at times four and five cars, ranged against him.

Add to that the massive accident he suffered during 1960 of which Autosport Editor, Gregor Grant, wrote: “His remarkable recovery from his serious Spa accident gained for him the admiration of the world, and was a lesson in determination and sheer courage that would be difficult to emulate”.

The stage was set for one of Stirling’s most incredible seasons and this is the behind-the-scenes story told by his own scrapbooks, his albums, his recollections and no holds barred comments about the cars, the circuits, the crumpet and the other drivers. Here we have all the fun and the flavour!

For more information on the author, Philip Porter, visit our Author Profiles page.

ISBN 978-0-955006-82-1


 Octane, July 2006, Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1961 Review

'If you're experiencing a sense of deja vu, it's because this is the second volume based on Stirling Moss's own scrapbooks to appear in recent months. And, like the first one it's our Book of the Month.

'There aren't many motor racing books that you can leave on your coffee table and be confident that any visitor - including your car-hating Aunt Agatha - will pick up and enjoy. Designer Andrew Garman and coauthor Philip Porter have done a great job of creating a real pick V mix of press cuttings, photographs, letters and ephemera alongside a running commentary based on Moss's diaries; it's perfect for dipping into as well as being a valuable chronicle of this significant year in Moss's career.'

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stirling moss scrapbook 1961 limited edition