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We are very much open for business.

Jaguar Lightweight E-type - The autobiography of 4 WPD (Limited Edition)

£ 250.00 GBP

Great Cars Series - book 1

This 'Great Cars' book outlines in exhaustive detail the history of the most important competition Jaguar E-type.  Run by John Coombs with factory support and driven by some of the best racing drivers of the day, this car took part in the E-type’s first motor race and later became the prototype all-aluminium Lightweight E-type.

For full details of this wonderful book, please see the Classic Edition.

Limited Edition (signed) - A stunning limited edition, bound in grey leather with gilt edges, and cased in a grey cloth slipcase. As a special touch, there is an embossed reproduction of the number plates BUY 1 and 4 WPD, on the front and back covers. Limited to 100 copies and is signed by Philip Porter.

For more information on the author, Philip Porter, visit our Author Profiles page.

Signed E type book classic edition