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PLEASE NOTE: Customs/import tax charges may be added to your order. The courier will notify you of any such charges by SMS or email.

Recent SuperFinds

by Michael Kliebenstein

If you think it’s getting harder to find special cars these days, simply because most of the lost treasures have been found already, you’re probably right, but I would like to show you a few pics about what is still possible to find these days. These are all from the last three months. I cannot reveal the origins of the photos as there are so many market interests involved but I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as I enjoyed seeing the cars when I opened the doors to their hidden storage areas.


Above: Gorgeous Maserati Bora, abandoned like a forgotten toy in the attic. 

275 GTS
Above: Totally original Ferrari 275 GTS has not turned a wheel for a long time. Along with being much rarer than its 330 GTS counterpart, this one has super low mileage, too. Hold your horses, it’s not for sale as its very charming female owner wishes to keep it forever.

AR coupe
Above: This Alfa Romeo coupé is not yet fully identified – a true SuperFind in a very distant and secret warehouse.


Above: To move this hibernating Merak would mean pushing 54 other sleeping beauties out into the garden first. Sadly, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.


Above: 1936 Bentley Derby 4 ¼-litre also ‘trapped’ near the Merak.


Above: Giulietta Spyder and Flaminia Spyder, just hanging around for the last few years, waiting for someone to finish urgent mechanical work.


Above: Finding an original Dino in this colour combination was something I was honestly not prepared for. The owner’s had it for 45 years – as the French say, a ‘bijou’ (jewel).

E-type pedal
Above: Jaguar E-Type pedal car is a lovely thing. Sadly, it’s too expensive for my pocket.


Above: Forbidden shot of a real 550 Spyder. This ex-Sonauto car has been in the charming owner’s hands for over five decades. 

HY Sonauto
Above: Accompanying the 550, though stored outside, is its original Citroën HY Sonauto transporter. What a dream combination!


Above: Ferrari ‘Daytona’ is a massive sight in a small but wonderful Italian village workshop. The car is mint and for sale.

Above: Huge Phantom V Coupe by James Young – in my opinion, the finest and most elegant post-war Rolls-Royce ever made. Only two were made and this one is another minter. To my surprise, I found it in southern Germany and had the absolute pleasure of driving it.


Above: A surprise find in a Swiss underground garage – the rarest Aston Martin Lagonda model, the one with the crazy computer-game dashboard. It’s long-term owner has kept it in superb condition.


Above: The owner of this 3 Wheeler flies his Boeing Stearman biplane through the Alps. His lovely Morgan seems a tad neglected though. Still, what a great combo to have!

Above: A Citroën DS23 Break is a rare beast. Destined for a new home in the Piemonte wine region to ferry the finest Barolo to Milano, perhaps?


Above: 1930 Alfa Romeo 6c Gran Sport stashed away in an open garage with no locks somewhere in Italy. It gets worked on occasionally, the owners seemingly not in any hurry to reassemble this really expensive Meccano set.

AR parts

Above: Seeing these early-Alfa parts is like finding El Dorado. Not to mention the many drawers, shelves and boxes full of other very, very valuable parts. 


Above: Hidden treasure – a real Alfa Romeo 1750 Gran Sport with Zagato body. Not used. Not for sale.

Big Alfa

Above: A still life with a large old Alfa Romeo and Mini Cooper. Bar the 164 and Fabia, a scene much like this could be found in the back yards of Italian car dealers in the 1970s. But this is today – it’s almost as if time stood still.


Above: This magnificent find, in Austria, is a 1940 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Sedan. Of the 75 built, only 4 survive, and this one is in perfectly original condition.

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