Office Move & New Apprentice

Behind the Scenes

September was a busy month at Porter Press HQ. At the very beginning of the month we completed an office move from one part of the building to another. We’re lucky enough to be working in a beautiful old converted barn surrounded by rolling Worcestershire countryside, and we’ve now spread out across the first floor. Within weeks we had proved Aristotle right – nature truly does abhor a vacuum.  Despite having almost twice as much space, we’ve now successfully filled it…

Our apprentices are fantastic

Above: Looking at the picture - left is Ben, Middle is Luke and on the right is Albert

Also at the beginning of the month we welcomed our new apprentice, Ben. He’s come on board to assist design, website and marketing guru, Abi, and joins the ranks of Luke (accounts) and Albert (business). These guys are good. Give them ten years and they’ll be ruling the world, mark my words.

Office cat

Speaking of world domination, Clarence, our furry despot, has been refining some I.T. skills of his own. He has already achieved first class honours in ‘rendering a computer mouse inoperable through judicious placement of a fluffy bottom’, with distinctions in ‘caps-lock at inopportune moments’ and that old computing classic, ‘switching it off and on again.’

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